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Tyroler, L. - The Museum of Natural History/Innocence vs. Experience - Period 4

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Neil Sullivan

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Tyroler, L. - The Museum of Natural History/Innocence vs. Experience - Period 4

Quote #1
"I knew that whole museum routine like a book. Phoebe went to the same school I went to when I was a kid, and we used to go there all the time. We had this teacher, Miss Aigletinger, that took us there damn near every Saturday. Sometimes we looked at the animals and sometimes we looked at the stuff the Indians had made in ancient times. Pottery and straw baskets and stuff like that. I get very happy when I think about it. Even now.
Page 119-120
resembles Holden's childhood
makes Holden happy to think about
uses plural pronouns
"Another thing, if you touched one of the paddles or anything while you were passing, one of the guards would say to you, 'Don't touch anything, children,' but he always said it in a nice voice, not like a goddamn cop or anything."
Page 121
Holden's hatred of adults (lack of innocence)
adults at the museum are friendly
children act freely
Quote 3
"The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody'd move. You could go there a hundred thousand times, and that Eskimo would still be just finished catching those two fish... Nobody'd be different. The only thing that would be different would be you. Not that you'd be so much older or anything. It wouldn't be that, exactly. You'd just be different, that's all."
Page 121
Quote 2
The Catcher in the Rye
The Museum of Natural History

watching other people
reliability of museum
Quote 4
"I was the only one left in the tomb then. I sort of liked it, in a way. It was so nice and peaceful. Then, all of a sudden, you'd never guess what I saw on the wall. 'F you.' It was written with a red crayon or something, right under the glass part of the wall, under the stones."
Page 204
loss of innocence in a sacred place
experience destroys innocence
Quote 5
"While I was waiting around for Phoebe in the museum, right inside the doors and all, these two little kids came up to me and asked me if I knew where the mummies were. The one little kid, the one that asked me, had his pants open. I told him about it. So he buttoned them up right where he was standing talking to me-- he didn't even bother to go behind a post or anything. He killed me."
Page 202
kids are carefree
kids don't care about the rules of society
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