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Kendall Schmidt

No description

laura nunez

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Kendall Schmidt

Kendall Schmidt
I have decided to make a biography of the one of the four guys that I love the most.
Kendall kept on growing as and actor he guest started in:
Phil of the Future
Without a Trace
Ghost whisperer
And he has appeared in the bis screen in:
Minority Report
According to Spencer

Heffron Drive
Kendall is not only know because of his acting skills but also because of the love and dedication he put on his music. When he was around 14-15 he meet guy named Dustin Belt,(which is his current best friend). Both of them lived in a street called "Heffron Drive". They got to know each other and find out that both of them were form Wichita; Kansas and were born in the same hospital. Because of such a conetion they became best friends. Both of their love and passion for musci was so big that they decided to started a band named "Heffron Drive", they called it like this to symbolies the place where they firts meet. They continued this for year, they became popular by kendalls bother youtube account, and myspace(in that time myspace was a thing). They posted covers and original songs that they will write, and with help of Kevin, Kendall's brother they could produce a musci video.
Big Time Rush
In early 2009 Kendall auditionated for a nickelodeon's new TV show. He was casted as the bands leader or the calmed and relax boy of the band. The band was formed with four guys James Maslow, Carlos Penavega, Logan Hendersona and himselfe Kendall Schmidt. These guys had named the band "Big Time Rush" and that's the name the Tv show reseved. The nickelodeon sereis "Big Time Rush" is about how four Minestota boys make it big in Los Angeles because of and accident, that made them the popsensetional band that millions of girls feelt in love with.
The tv shows one hour special first episode aired in November 28 of 2009, called"Big time Audtion",and It's official debut was in January 18 or 2010 earning 6.8 million viewers, making nickelodeons highest-rated live-action-series debut ever.
The band latter that year realised it's first album called "BTR" with a track list of 11 songs.
In early 2012 nickelodeon aired "Big Time Movie" in whcih the soundtrack are songs of "The Beatles" (which is a band that Kendall amires).
Kendall Schmidt was born in Andover; Kansas- Origin: Wichita;Kansas in November 2nd of 1990. As a young toddler we wanted to follow his brothers steps to become and artiest. When he was 5 he participated in Chex TV commercials, later on when he was 9 he he was hired to be Haley Joel Osments stand-in and body double. His parents Kent Schmidt and Kathy Schmidt always supported their sons to chase after their dreams, and that's what they did. When Kendall was 10 years old him and his family move to California, Los Angeles. Later getting in recurring roles in:
General Hospital
Raising Dad
Gilmore Girls
CSI: Miami
In 2011 "Big Time Rush" as a Tv series, got a second season label, this was the longest season ever made with 29 episodes and new cast as well. From this season Big time Rush as a band got a second album lebal, this album shows much more integrete of them four. Kendall wrote song for this album, which are:
Cover Girl
You're not alone
And with the guys:
Love me love me
Musci sound better with you
This ablum officialy came out in November 21 of 2011 + a World Tour call "Better With You Tour"
In the middle of 2013 (June-July) the 4th and last season aired with 13 episodes and followed by "Big Time Rush" thirs album 24/seven( The album came out in June 11 of 2013). 11 days later that this album dropped in June 21st of 2013 the Summer Break Tour came along, which was a United States Tour + Mexico.
Affter the movie, Season 3
of the Tv series tag along with
Elevate soundtrack.
Heffron Drive is back
In the finalies of 2013 Kendall's original project "Heffron Drive" comes back with a winter tour in United States. In the only place they have actually your was on Germany, but this year Kendall and Dustin planned on making their first US tour. This tour was called "Heffron Drive winter Tour". Kendall so happy with this project, he have been waiting for it since forever and it finally happend. This tour was going to be big for him, with his new single "Art of moving on", I could say this was the main foccus of this tour.
These Day's
In early 2014 "Big Time Rush" is back in the road with a South American/Mexico/Texas Tour. This tour has been up till now their lates tour. This tour was with 24/seven soundtrack. Also this could be considered as the continuation of The Summer Break Tour. And for Heffron Drive in March 25 their new single Parallel will come out for sale.
For last Kendall Schmidt have beena really succesful guy, He went out there and followed his dream. Accompleshing each one of them. He once said:
"Find you passion and run with it, anything is possible"

I consider that the way he writes his music and all the love and support he put on it have helped me to fight in those time's that i think I will never reach the end. And with that same love and support I support him as my Idol.
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