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Congratulations! Parabens!

No description

Rachel Graci

on 3 January 2017

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Transcript of Congratulations! Parabens!


Mary Gershwin Welcomes You!!!!

Goals of the trip
What can you expect
What you will see and experience
Rules and expectations
What to pack
Next steps
There are many important goals for your visit to the United States...
Goals of the Trip...
Experience American culture and identity and promote your Brazilian culture and identity
What You Need to Know to Prepare for Your Trip
The following presentation contains important information to prepare you for your trip.

Please read everything carefully and then take the quiz posted on Facebook.
Getting Ready for the united states!
Congratulations, you have been selected to travel to the United States with US-Brazil Connect and Conexão Mundo!

You have worked very hard and this trip will be a very unique opportunity! We look forward to welcoming you to the United States January 31 -February 13,2016!
Watch this short video from the President of US-Brazil Connect!
Pressione o botão de som na parte inferior da tela para ouvir o vídeo. Pressione-o novamente para ativar o áudio quando estiver terminado .
1. Cultural Immersion & Exchange
Goals of the Trip...
2. Language Immersion
Continue to build and improve English Language skills and confidence for friendship, academics and the world of work.
Goals of the Trip...
3. Networking Opportunities
Build and develop relationships with Americans. You will meet a lot of new people including families, students, volunteers and technical professionals.
Goals of the Trip...
4. Educational & Technical Visits
Deepen your understanding of US high schools, community colleges, universities, technical systems and businesses.
Goals of the Trip...
5. Leadership & Team-Building
Foster personal and professional development.
Goals of the Trip...
6. Have Fun!!!!
Honor and celebrate your achievement and hard work!!
What are your personal & professional goals for the trip???
What Can You Expect?
1. Homestay with an American family
Host families will be welcoming you into their homes to share their version of American cultures and traditions. You will have the opportunity to teach them about Brazil as well!
What Can You Expect?
2. Transportation
To and from the airport.

Daily transportation provided by the program and host families.
What Can You Expect?
3. A detailed, engaging agenda!
7:00 am - Breakfast with host family
8:00 am - Meet at host school
8 - 11:30 am - English Language Learning Class
12 - 1:00 pm -Lunch
1 - 5:00 pm - Visits to local industries, cultural events or fun activities.
5:00 pm - Host families pick up from host school
Evening - Dinner and time with host family
Here is a sample schedule:
What Can You Expect?
4. Local Support From:
US-Brazil Connect central staff
Brazilian Coordinators
English Language Coach & Activity Coordinator
Team of trained American volunteers

What Can You Expect?
5. Staying Warm
SESI & SENAI will provide winter clothing and we will all help you learn how to stay warm.
What Will You See & Do During Your Visit?
1. Culture
Explore Colorado and the United States and learn what makes it unique and different from Brazil.
Time with host families, museums, regional attractions and more.
What Will You See & Do During Your Visit?
2. Practice English
Every day you will have the opportunity to practice and learn English by speaking with native English speakers.
What Will You See & Do During Your Visit?
Visit local schools and universities to lean more about the programs and the opportunities for international students and technical/vocational programs.
What Will You See & Do During Your Visit?
4. Technical Visits
Visit US businesses and learn more about how industry operates in the United States.
Lockheed Martin Aerospace Company
What Will You See & Do During Your Visit?
5. Reunion
You may have a chance to see your coaches, team leaders, and US-Brazil Connect staff during program activities.
What Will You See & Do During Your Visit?
You are representing: Conexao Mundo, US-Brazil Connect, SESI, SENAI, your city, and Brazil while in the United States.

Make sure to:
1. Always be on time
2. Listen to your Activity Coordinator
3. Practice English as much as you can
4. Follow all program rules
5. Be considerate of others
Behavior Expectations
Always be on your best behavior and respect other students, coordinators, coaches, US-Brazil Connect staff and your host family.

Never go off on your own, do not separate from the group.

Always carry your personal belongings: a copy of your passport, travel insurance card, emergency contact card and enough money for personal expenses for the day.

Do not drink any alcoholic beverages or consume drugs.

Do not engage in romantic relationships between Brazilian or American students.
Homestay Expectations
Be courteous and respectful of your host family

Engage in host family's customs

Follow rules, curfews and bedtimes

Offer to help and clean up after yourself

Take time to interact with your host family. Do not spend all your time on the internet or phone.
Be a good citizen in your home:

Homestay Expectations
Always ask if you need to use any household appliance or computer

Say, "Thank You," for the generosity of your host family
What to Pack
Warm clothes.



Personal hygiene items.
Other Items to Pack

Comfortable shoes. You will do a lot of walking.

Photos of your friends, family and city to share with your host family.
Plug adapter to charge your phones, cameras and devices (in the US, we use 120V and 60Hz).

Your passport with Visa and several photo copies of these documents.

Emergency contact information for names and phone numbers in Brazil.

A purse, wallet, or money belt to keep your stipend safe and secure.
What Else to Pack...
With your group, your parents or your coordinator, think about what else you need to pack. What can you leave behind?

SESI and SENAI will provide information on suitcases. We recommend you bring only what they tell you to bring.

As Mary Gershwin says, "do NOT pack your fear. You are on a journey where you do not need to have fear!!"
Your Stipend
Your Brazilian coordinator will tell you about your stipend from SESI and SENAI.

Your stipend will be used for lunches and activities and will need to last for your entire trip.

Make sure to save money and not spend it too quickly.
This is an educational trip. You will have an opportunity to go shopping during the day with your group, but shopping is NOT a priority.

Do not request your host family to take you shopping.

Time with host families and educational activities are more important than shopping.
This will be an amazing trip with memories that will last a lifetime!
Have Fun & Take advantage of this opportunity!
See you soon!!!
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