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The Battle of the Labyrinth

Book Report

Diane Nguyen

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Battle of the Labyrinth

Diane Nguyen
Ms. Newchurch
English I, 8-3
13 December 2012 Rick Riordan's
The Battle of the Labyrinth Settings: The Labyrinth (Main Setting)
Goode High School
Camp Half-Blood
Triple G Ranch
Mount St. Helens
Pan's Cave
Percy's apartment Characters: Annabeth Chase
Grover Underwood
Nico Di Angelo
Rachel Elizabeth Dare
Quintus/Daedalus Protagonist:

Antagonist: Percy Jackson Luke Castellan/Kronos Conflict: Luke is using the Labyrinth to invade and destroy Camp Half-Blood. How the Conflict was solved: Everybody at Camp Half-Blood was prepared for the war and won.
Also, Daedalus is willing to give up his soul to destroy the Labyrinth since Daedalus and the Labyrinth are connected. Rating: Ariadne's String The whole entire story was really clever. It was very well thought out. Every chapter was interesting and each of them always have a surprise ending. There are so many adventurous fights and difficult decisions to choose. There may be a few shocking moments and a really sad story that makes you want to feel sorry for that person. However, it will all come together at the very end. Sypnosis: In the beginning of the story, it started out with Percy at his freshman high school orientation getting attacked by two cheerleaders, Kelli and Tammi, who turned out to be empousai (monsters). Percy kills Tammi, but Kelli got away. He escapes the school leaving Rachel to cover for him and goes to Camp Half-Blood with Annabeth. At camp, Percy comes in the arena where he meets up with the new sword master, Quintus and his pet hellhound, Mrs. O'Leary. Chiron finds Percy and brings him to Grover who only has one more week to find the missing God of the Wild, Pan or he will lose his searcher's license. Everybody participated in the camp game created by Quintus where Percy and Annabeth were partnered up. During the game, Percy and Annabeth hides under Zeus' Fist (a bunch of rocks that looks like a fist) for a few minutes from the giant scorpions who were attacking them. When they got out of Zeus's Fist, they found out the game was over a long time ago and they have been gone for several hours while everybody was looking for them. After the encounter with the minor god, Janus and the goddess, Hera, they made it to Alcatraz and saved Briares (the Hundred-Handed Ones) from Kampê. Yet, Briares chickens out and leaves them. They end up at the Triple G Ranch where they meet Nico Di Angelo, Eurytion, and Geryon. Percy made a deal with Geryon to let him and his friends including Nico Di Angelo go if he cleans the fire-breathing horses' stable by sunset. After Percy successfully completed the task, he finds his friends and Nico Di Angelo gagged and tied up. Geryon reminds Percy the deal is not serious unless he swears on the River Styx.
Then, they fight each other and Percy wins. Plot Diagram: Introduction -A 14 year old demigod who is the son of Poseidon. -A demigod who is the son of Hermes and got his body possessed by Kronos. -A 14 year old demigod who is the daughter of Athena and leads the quest. -A satyr who becomes a Chosen One of Pan. He uses panic to get rid of Krono's army. -An 11 year old demigod who is a son of Hades. -A cyclops who is a half-brother to Percy. -A demigod/inventor who is a son of Athena and created the Labyrinth. He decided to end his life to destroy the Labyrinth from Luke using it. (Daedalus and the Labyrinth are connected). -A mortal who could see through the mist. She leads through the Labyrinth. Falling Action Conclusion Rising Action Climax Introduction: Rising Action: Climax: Falling Action: Conclusion: Percy finds out Luke's plan and Annabeth leads the quest. Percy and Annabeth found out that Quintus was really Daedalus. Percy and Annabeth finds out Luke already has Ariadne's string. They find Grover and Tyson and watched the god, Pan died. Also, the shocking moment when Luke's body was in Kronos' sarcophagus. The war breaks out on Camp Half-Blood between Krono's army and the demigods. Grover uses the power of panic from Pan to get rid of the monsters, which ended the war and Daedalus gave up his life to destroy the Labyrinth. . Nico Di Angelo refuses to leave with the group and stays with Eurytion. Eurytion helps the group by giving a spider automaton that leads them to Hephaestus's forge, which Hephaestus could help them get to Daedalus' workshop. They end up in a classroom with a Sphinx and escaped. Grover said that he could hear Pan calling him and the group splits up with Tyson leaving with Grover to find Pan while Annabeth and Percy find Hephaestus. Tone: The tone of the book is adventurous. The whole entire story is about the main characters going on a quest in the Labyrinth, which is the most confusing place to be in for a demigod. They end up in many battles and risk of deaths. There are many special and exciting events occur during the quest. The word, "quest", would match to the adventurous tone. . Finally, Annabeth and Percy finds Hephaestus, but Hephaestus wants them to find the monsters who are invading one of his favorite forges, which is Mount St. Helens. Eventually, they found the monsters, the telekhines. Percy cause the volcano to erupt to be able to escape the monsters. Annabeth thinking that Percy is gonna die kisses him and flees. As the volcano erupts, Percy summons water within himself to defeat the telekhines causing an explosion that sends him in an island called, Ogygia. . Percy wakes up from a bed full of burns and meets Calypso, a really pretty girl who is the daughter of Atlas. As Percy stays at Ogygia to rest from the injuries, Calypso falls in love with him. Calypso offers to either become immortal and stay with her forever or leave to help in the mortal world, but never come back to Ogygia. Percy was unable to stay with Calypso since Calypso is cursed to stay on an island forever and have a man castaway that she falls in love with stranded on the island, but cannot stay with her. . Calypso helps Percy leave the island on a raft to Camp Half-Blood after Hephaestus visited Percy telling him about the big prophecy he needs to complete. After reaching Camp Half-Blood and everybody including Annabeth thinking he was dead, Percy has a plan that is similar to Theseus and Ariadne. Since Theseus had a help through the Labyrinth by a mortal, maybe it is the same thing for Percy and Rachel Elizabeth Dare who is a mortal that sees through the Mist. . Percy, Annabeth, and Rachel goes back to the Labyrinth to look for Daedalus' workshop. Percy encounters with his half brother, Antaeus who is half giant and rules an arena. Percy first fights with Ethan Nakamura who is a demigod that use to go to Camp Half-Blood. Percy refuses to kill him and challenges Antaeus. Percy finds Antaeus' weakness and defeats him. Luke who is watching the fight gets angry and commanded everybody in the audience who are monsters to get Percy. . Mrs. O' Leary comes to the rescue by the blow of the whistle that Quintus gave Percy earlier and the group escaped from the arena. Finally, they made it to the workshop. They could not find Daedalus, but instead meets with Quintus. Soon, they found out Quintus is Daedalus and Luke already got to him before they did several hours ago and obtains Ariadne's string. . Then, Kelli who is one of the two empousai from the beginning of the story and a few giants came in with Nico Di Angelo captive. Annabeth and Percy rescues Rico from Krono's helpers. Minos came in and wants to trade souls with Daedalus, but Nico banishes him claiming he was the ghost king that was in the prophecy. Nico De Angelo, Percy, Annabeth, and Rachel used a pair of golden wings from the workshop leaving Daedalus to help Mrs. O'Leary. Then, Percy comes into a room with Ethan Nakamura and two telekhines inside without the group wearing the magical cap of invisibility and finds Kronos' sarcophagus. He opens it and finds that the body inside was Luke. Ethan Nakamura betrayed Percy and helped resurrect Kronos after Percy begged him not to. Percy tries to escape from Kronos with the group. The group finds Grover and Tyson claiming they found Pan. They all meet Pan, but watched the god as he dies leaving Grover possessing some of Pan's powers. They go back to Camp Half-Blood preparing for the war and leaving Rachel in the city because mortals are not allowed in the camp's boundaries. The war began between Kronos' army and the demigods. Daedalus came with Briares and Mrs. O'Leary to help with the war. The war ended with Grover's power of panic from the god, Pan. Daedalus allowed Rico to release his soul to destroy the Labyrinth since Daedalus and the Labyrinth are connected. The story ends with Percy celebrating his 15th birthday at his apartment and Nico Di Angelo coming by explaining how to defeat Kronos, which ends in a cliffhanger that leads to the next book. All the events that happen in the Labyrinth, except in Daedalus' workshop and after. Percy finds out later that Zeus's Fist was an entrance to the Labyrinth and Luke is using it to take over Camp Half-Blood. They called a meeting in the Big House and Annabeth went to the Oracle and came back with the prophecy saying that she has to lead the quest to find Daedalus before Luke does. She chooses Percy, Grover, and Tyson to be in her group. Zoom in if you want see the prophecy! Quotes: ~“Hey, I’m usually about to die,” I promised. “Don’t feel bad.” (Percy to Rachel)~ Percy was trying to cheer Rachel up after she led Percy and Annabeth to Antaeus' arena by accident. In my opinion, I really think it is suppose to be humorous, but I knew that Percy was actually being serious about that. I read the previous books with Percy being in battles with an enemy and it seems like Percy is gonna lose every time, but ends up winning. The picture that depicts the story and its theme. It is suppose to represent the crazy adventure they had in the Labyrinth.
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