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Welcome to Matilda!

No description

Mr Duke!

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Matilda!

Matilda's family
These gruesome characters are Matilda's parents but they don't like her or take care of here. Mr Wormwood owns a car garage but his cars are badly made and he only does it for the money. Mrs Wormwood goes to bingo and Michael, Matilda's brother, goes to school so Matilda is left in the house by herself every day!
Matilda is an extraordinary girl who has powers that her family don't know about. She was never meant to be born but she has the house to herself every day and gets more and more independence throughout the story
Miss Trunchbull
Matilda's first friend who stuck up for her and she poured the newt into Miss Trunchbull's water
Bruce is a character who loves to eat. But one day he makes the mistake of stealing one of Miss Trunchbull's rich chocolate cakes and Miss Trunchbull made him eat another whole one! Luckily he succeeds.
Welcome to Matilda!
Explore Matilda characters!
Miss Honey
Mrs Honey was Matila's wonderful teacher
who did as much as she could to help Matilda get up higher in the school and at the end she adopted Matilda when Matilda's family ran away to Spain to get away from the Chinese.
Mrs Trunchbull is Matilda's school's headmistress
who does not want Matilda to go up years in the school because and she hates children but comes to a sticky end at the end when the children started playing tricks on her. There was a new headmaster at the end and Miss Honey got her house back that Miss Trunchbull stole from her
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