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LILAC S.Funding (LA Area Chamber of Commerce)

No description

Kristie Oh

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of LILAC S.Funding (LA Area Chamber of Commerce)

Bryn Mawr & Beyond
Personal Growth
better communication skills - teamwork
conceptual, innovative thinking
ability to network in fast-paced settings, + gaining many contacts for future
proactive work mindset
improved leadership skills
social responsibility - working for public policy and a non-profit for commerce
LILAC Summer Funding Presentation
The Internship
• created print, HTML, and
social media campaigns
for the LAACC events (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
• attended Chamber events on behalf of Communications dept. (
public policy, small business, transportation
• copy-editing and proofing, research
marketing trends, data tracking
, maintaining department files
Greetings from
Los Angeles, California
Kristie Oh
, '15
History B.A.

learned the ropes of a job in
Communications & Marketing
networked with many small and big business contacts in the Los Angeles area (
networking was
so great
learned how to create
effective social media campaigns and marketing tools
gave me the tools, confidence and skills I need for
future positions in this industry
Experience in one word:
Marketing & Communications
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