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Anne Murray Powerpoint

No description

Maria L

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Anne Murray Powerpoint

Anne Murray .
Civic Role Model
By. Maria L
Morna Anne Murray was born in Springhill, Nova Scotia on June 20, 1945. She became interested in music at a very young age. At the age of five she began to learn the piano and into her teenage years she took up vocal lessons. Her career began as she was still attending college. Encouraged by her friends, she later auditioned to a musical competition called "Singalong Jubilee". She found out that she did not make the first round so two years later she auditioned again.
Personal Life. (Part 1)
Personal Life (Part 2)
After that show, Anne was offered to be on another television show called "Lets go". Since her introduction to the music and television industry Anne decided to move to Toronto to start her solo career. Her fist album is called "What about me" this album was released in 1968 by a music label called Arc label. Seven years later she married Bill Langstroth and gave birth to two children.
Personal Life (Part Three)
Since her major success in the music industry she has many hits and recognition in the country. She participated with a CBC charity to help and support southeast Asia at the time they experienced a tsunami and on February 12, 2010 she was one out of the eight Canadians to carry an olympic flag during the Olympic games in Vancouver winter games.
Anne Murray's first single called what about me released in 1968
Other songs in her album include:
- Both sides now
- its all over
- some Birds
- For Baby
- Paths of victory
- David's Song
- There goes my Everything
- Buffalo in the park
- The last thing on my mind
- All the time
Anne Murray and Bryan Adams

Personal Life (Part 4)
During her music career, she hit a hard part of her life where she decided to have a divorce from her husband Bill Langstroth. He passed away this year.
"However unhappy he might have been in his marriage, he was still married (with two young children), almost fifteen years my senior and also my boss," Murray writes. "But I was falling in love, fast, and powerless to do anything about it." - Anne Murray
Civic Responsibilities
Appearance on Canadian Idol
During her appearance on Canadian Idol she served as a mentor to the contestants and give them advice on their vocal abilities. She looked out for those who want to be involved in the music industry.
2013 Charity golf classic
This year, Anne Murray took part in a charity golf tournament to raise money to find a cure for colon cancer.
Contributions to Canada
Canadian order of Canada (Officer)
In 1975 Anne Murray was awarded the Canadian order of Canada from Queen Elizabeth II for her service towards the country.
Second Order of Canada (Companion)
In 1984 Anne Murray received her second order of Canada for giving her time and help to a certain community in great need.
Anne Murray helps launch a music centre.
On Friday, February 22, 2013 Anne Murray helped out The National Music Center in Calgary, Alberta. An article in the Toronto sun says "Snowbird songstress Anne Murray helped Calgary’s National Music Centre take flight Friday" and "The Canadian music icon praised the vision of those guiding the $150 million facility set to rise the downtown East Village."

The article is called :

Canadian icon Anne Murray helps break ground on the National Music Centre in Calgary.
Support for 2004 tragedy
A tsunami tragedy happened on December 26, 2004, Anne Murray and other Canadian music artists in the Canada had Telethon for asia it was a three-hour, tsunami relief concert broadcast on CBC Television channel
Quotes By Anne Muuray.
The way I look at it, I get in the studio and I become one with these songs. But it has to touch me. If it doesn't, then I can't hope to touch anyone else.

I came to believe ... that it is vital to transform the world by changing the way people treat each other, and by modeling that kind of changed behavior ourselves.

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