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Blackpool and Morecambe presentation

No description

Nancy Collinge

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Blackpool and Morecambe presentation

Our Presentation on
Blackpool and Morecambe Morecambe Health Distance It is roughly 20 miles from Blackpool to
Morecambe Population In Lancashire nearly 120,000
people say they are in good health. 30,437 think they are in fairly good health and 13,264 think they are in bad health. Accomidation 1 room (Households)1 Count 14,933
2 rooms (Households)1 Count,068 50
3 rooms (Households)1 Count653 215,935
4 rooms (Households)1 Count ,860 5404,
5 rooms (Households)1 Count 14,009 814
6 rooms (Households)1 Count ,502 650
7 rooms (Households)1 Count ,631 264,
8 or more rooms (Households)1 Count ,810 261 Blackpool There are about 45,000
people living in Morecambe.
Compared to around 143,916 in Blackpool Education. There are currently
13,056 337 people at full
time education in the north West. Employment There are 31,047 males aged between 16 and 74 is Blackpool. Compared to 12,109 in Morecambe morecombe Blackpool Seaside Smaller
population More tourists More attractions Famous
people Hotels More
northern More workers Fame and Fortune The Nolans
Hayley Kay
Half of the Pet shop boys
Little Boots
Aidan Grimshaw :( Eric Morecambe
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