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Eradication of Malaria

Internet organization that allows for global collaborative efforts on a variety of projects.

Karen Cohen

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Eradication of Malaria

Eradication of Malaria Project iearn.org
International organization that is responsible for many global projects for students Reason to participate:
Interested in collaboration internationally
Chose the Eradication of Malaria project
Studying Africa the continent for theme this year
English speaking participants
Integrated curricular possibilities
Cultural Study/history of Africa past and present
Contact with Tommie’s class in Botswana
Sent emails/received emails
Visited forums and web links to other schools such as those in Canada
(UPENN medical center project in Botswana)
Parent who is a pharmacist came in to speak about medication that is used to treat malaria and how there are genetic markers that determine what works best for which ethnic group, type of malaria, cost, etc.
African masks were created and then turned into cards that were sold along with the bake sale
Both events combined collected $840 that will purchase 84 nets to prevent malaria
The time change, eight hours, limited our ability to skype the class in Botswana
The students in Botswana were much older and did not seem invested in communicating more than required with our class
Did not have much contact with the forums where more student-to-student interaction takes place. It was not clear that this was the “heart” of these projects
Had a conversation with the Executive Director of iearn who acknowledged that it was not clearly stated in many of the projects.
He acted on our concerns and emailed me that iearn. org had changed twenty-five projects and created links directly from the project’s home page to the student forums.
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