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Photography Timeline

10 important events in the history of photography.

Brooklyn Everman

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Photography Timeline

Camera Obscura first used as an aid for artists. 1500's Niépce records the first permanent photographic image. 1826 Maxwell describes and demonstrates the additive color process. 1861 Photography Timeline Eastman Kodak introduces the first mass-marketed camera, the "Brownie." 1900 Edison invents the motion picture camera using a film format devised by Eastman. 1891 Eastman Edison Edgerton creates electronic flash. 1931 Kodacolor, the first subtractive-process color print film, is introduced. 1942 Land invents the Polaroid instant photography system. 1947 The first digital camera (Canon's "electronic still camera") is used to photograph opening of the Olympics. 1984 Single use cameras are introduced by both Fuji and Kodak. 1987 Fuji Kodak Nikon and Canon introduce professional-level digital SLR cameras. 2000 Nikon Canon
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