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MBM Online Missionary Standards

Before Facebook or blog accounts are set up, review this. Also, periodically review it to get a refresher on our mission's online standards.

Montana Billings Mission

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of MBM Online Missionary Standards

Official "His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord." Matthew 25:21 The whole Church is watching. As the pilot program of Online Proselyting we are the ones on trial. Assistants Online Admins Zone Leaders These Leaders will monitor the mission, and offer support if needed. Prayer Be courteous Report Numbers Online Check PMG & The White Handbook No chatty Cathy Pictures Be careful with opposite sex. Remember to utilize: mbmhelp.blogspot.com Like you would with any lesson, begin each online session with a prayer to invite the Spirit. Any misuse or Inappropriate conduct may result in a loss of online privileges. You and your companion should review anything the other posts. Be respectful of others trying to use computers, whether in any kind of library or family history center. Especially be mindful at Universities during finals and other sensitive times. Your friends and family may be your "friends" and follow you through Facebook and your blog, but avoid casual communication with them. Facebook is not intended to replace or supplement your weekly emails with your family. You may have opportunities to teach non-member or less active friends and family. At all times ask yourself, "am I talking to them to just 'chat it up' or am I fulfilling my purpose online?" Any flirtatious or casual chit-chat is inappropriate. Avoid chatting with other missionaries unless it's missionary work related. Be cautious of who you add on Facebook. Before you accept their friend request, send them a message to understand why they're adding you. Be cautious and reserved on things you "like" or post on Facebook [I.E. Our "interests", bands, movies, music, Etc...] Those little things can easily be taken the wrong way. In all situations, err on the side of caution. Profile Pictures Your profile picture is peoples first impression of you. Make it a single picture of you. Time Limits District NOT You may spend up to an hour each day between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm online using Facebook or to blog. If accommodations are available, you may split that time into different segments throughout the day. Do not online proselyte on Sundays. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Uploading General Photos Refrain from posting goofy, silly, or pointless, pictures as your profile picture. Personal videos are not acceptable. These are not our Facebooks from back home. We follow the same standard of missionary conduct online as we would in person. Status Updates If you cant think of anything to post as your status, don't post a status. If it doesn't fulfill your purpose it doesn't need to be there. Remember:
We don't use Facebook like we did back home. When things are posted that are not consistent with our Purpose/these rules you may be asked to remove what was posted. It is mandatory that you Change your privacy settings on Facebook so that only you can see the photos and videos you may be tagged in. This is VERY important! For help changing the privacy settings go to http://mbmhelp.blogspot.org and view the Prezi "Changing Our Privacy Settings" on the "Posts" tab Report only your Online Key Indicators on Saturday night. Report the Online Key Indicators you had that week added in with your regular key indicators Sunday night. Not separate. Misc Keep track of your online key indicators in your daily planner. It will become your personal online Area Book. Be careful not to counsel or get involved in family disputes or marital issues. Encourage them to see their Bishop. "Hey! I'm A missionary for the LDS church. How are things? What is it that inspired you to add me as A friend?" "Hey, I'm <blank>. I'm a missionary for the LDS church. How are you? Were you interested in learning more about our church?" This way you can know if they are interested in our message or if they are a nefarious profile with other intentions. Act like you would at church, not like you would in your apartment. Our purpose is not to show off ourselves, our success, our area or how "normal" missionaries are. is to invite others to come unto Christ
by helping them receive the restored gospel
through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement,
receiving The Gift of the Holy Ghost,
and enduring to the end. Act like you would in church, not like you would in your apartment. Behavior Missionaries should sit side by side with your companion when you proselyte online. You are not allowed to be online alone. Utilize the ability to unsubscribe from Friends who are a distraction. By doing this they can still see all that you post and share, and their activity will not show up in your News Feed. Do not put you are interested in men or women or post your relationship status. your companion Working with If you fail to wake up on time it is an automatic 30 day loss of online privileges. My purpose Comments Don't have "comment conversations" with anyone on Facebook. Only make comments on your friends posts if it fulfills your purpose. The same standard applies for "Likes" Don't like or share manipulative mass media. (ex: "If you love God you will share this. If you keep scrolling you're ashamed of Him) Great Job!!
This is what we want. Read a specific conference talk for an investigator, Plan LIKES Just Like it says in the white handbook, "9:00 p.m. Return to living quarters (unless teaching a lesson; then return by 9:30)" Be wearing appropriate missionary dress.
(Proselyting Clothes) Do not "like" just because it's something you would have "liked" back home, only like statuses, pictures, videos, links, (posts in general), if it fulfills your purpose. Cover Photo Your cover photo for your timeline should add to you fulfilling your purpose and should not merely show your personal likes or interests Your focus should be to teach and work with your investigators, less-actives and members. Avoid groups, likes, pictures or videos that make you lose focus. Our goal is to simplify and intensify our online efforts. We want to be as crisp and well polished as possible. General Info These are all examples of things NOT to like Online Remember: We Follow Be your best missionary self online.
~Bro. Hemingway Standards Standards Privacy Be sure to periodically review the "Do Not Add" list [posted as a document on MBM online]. Always review Preach My Gospel and look for ways to apply the principles taught. It is the key for successful online proselyting. ontana B Billings M Mission Online Proselyting M M The Lord inspired Preach My Gospel for missionaries, and the Lord knew some day we would be online proselyting, so PMG applies online just as much as it does with infield work. It is important that you turn on Secure Browsing to prevent your profile from being hacked. It's an easy step that will protect your profile. In your nightly planning determine what you will do to use your time effectively online the next day- Examples: Write a blog on ______ Message (insert name of investigator, less active, or member here) review mormon.org and lds.org teach _____ a set lesson about _____ review mbmhelp.blogspot.com post church media on the walls of those you teach Security Friends Resources Online Proselyting is a time filler. It is designed to increase productivity and accelerate preaching the gospel; first in your area, next throughout the Montana Billings Mission, then to the world. Beware when "friending" people you don't know. If someone reports that you added them and don't know them you can be reported and Facebook will take away your ability to add friends. ... . Promote LDS media (mormon.org, lds.org, biblevideos.lds.org, etc.) as opposed to other Christian churches. Not what we want... Remember: Have a proper balance! Have a proper balance! Best Missionary self Book" "The Blessings Robot Missionary Not a missionary MBM Every time you log on, Check MBM for recent information posted. "Group Chat" with your companion. Leaders Monitoring Our online efforts are monitored by the leaders of the mission to help us better follow these standards. Correction may be given by any leader in the mission. Online The standards found in "The Blessings Book" will also apply to much of your online work. Use it as a guide to supplement this presentation. & You may choose to allot half of your daily hour to the block of time between 8:30-9:00 pm to teach lessons, not to camp out online. proud! them make Lets Do not upload any pictures besides a cover photo and a profile picture. Other pictures are too distracting and do not help us accomplish our purpose.
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