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Evaluating the Change Agent Program at Siemens Nixdorf (A)

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Nadina Anoop

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Evaluating the Change Agent Program at Siemens Nixdorf (A)

Siemens AG
Nixdorf Computer
Summary of Case
The case of Siemens Nixdorf (A) or Siemens Nixdorf Informationsysteme (SNI) describes how a large European-owned computer manufacturer and information technology vendor SNI had problems in responding to market changes.
A major hindrance of change being the issue of a rigid corporate culture as the organization was created by a merger between Nixdorf Computer and Siemens AG.
Summary of Case Cont'd
A Change Agent Program (CAP) and a Culture Change Program (CCP) were developed by Gerhard Schulmeyer in order to create a new corporate culture.
Strenghts of Schulmeyer's Plan
The implementation of the change process was effective in determining the participants’/employees’ openness or resistance to change. This is indirect impacts on organizational effectiveness and performance.
The road map for the change process was created and published before the actual process was in motion.
Both employees’ and leaders’ voice is combined to determine an end result which can be seen as a learning process.
Within the Culture Change Program all aspects of the organization was taken into consideration as deemed necessary for effective change to occur. These aspects were the employees, customers, partners and the organization itself.
Weaknesses of Schulmeyer's Plan
A high level of stress among participants of the CAP was noticed due to heavy emphasis of the projects.
Participants also felt that their individual development was not highlighted within the change agent program and that the project was a dominant factor.
Schulmeyer did not conduct a proper diagnosis in the general model of planned change.
Senior managers showed little interest in the culture change because of their in-effort to learn from the project results or the enhanced skills of the participants.
Question #2:
Assume that the head of the Information and Communication division at Siemens contacts you after receiving a variety of emails and voice mails supporting and questioning the CAP program. Based on the above information, design and justify an evaluation process, including the contracting terms or “essential wants” that you think are critical in carrying out the assessment, the interview and/or survey questions you would ask, and the sampling design you would use.
Clay Francis
Elizabeth Howard
Nadina Anoop
Saphana Baldeosingh
Renisse Thomas
Khadeisha Warner
Arishtha Tewari
Evaluating the Change Agent Program at Siemens Nixdorf (A)
Members of Group
Question #1: Critique the change process initiated and executed by Gerhard Schulmeyer. What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of his efforts?
Due to inherent problems existing when assessing OD interventions, the quasi-experimental research design is used. It is the most powerful design utilized for assessing changes as it possesses the features of longitudinal measurement, comparison unit and statistical reasonable assessment of the intervention effectiveness.
The contracting terms or “essential wants” we think are necessary in carrying out the assessment are the company records existing before the merger between both companies occurred.
The participants of the events held both in Germany, Hanover and at MIT, Stanford can assist in data collection processes in interviews and surveys as well where the results obtained from each of the four events in Germany and the 13-week program in Stanford can be utilized for comparison purposes.
Other “essential wants” necessary for the assessment process is a team of OD practitioners who will conduct the interviews and surveys.
Critique of Schulmeyer's Plan
The change process initiated and executed by Gerhard Schulmeyer would have been successful if it was managed properly in terms of control and administration between SNI managers and the consulting firm.
The aspect of intervention used by Schulmeyer falls under strategic change interventions particularly transformational change specifically highlighting culture change.
The plan was effective on the basis of communication.
Possible Interview Questions
Interview Questions for Chairman of Siemen AG and Nixdorf Computer
What is the existing type of culture within your organization?
Why was a merger between both companies formed?
Were any specific regulations and rules outlined within the merger pertaining to corporate culture?

Possible Interview Questions
What do you think about your organization’s culture?
Interview Questions for Customers
What ideas do you have towards the change intervention going to occur at the organization?
Interview Questions for Partners
How can the areas in which we conduct business be expanded?
Possible Survey Questions
1) What type of culture should exist at the organization?
2) In your opinion will the change intervention processes implemented by Schulmeyer be successful?
3) What type of organizational structure should the organization have?
4) Do the intervention processes take into consideration resistance to change?

Chosen Sample Design
The most appropriate sampling design applicable to SNI is a stratified sample. In the stratified sample the large population of SNI would be segregated into a number of mutually exclusive subpopulations such as business leaders, change agents, event participants, customers and partners from Siemen AG and Nixdorf Computer respectively.
Schulmeyer failed to conduct proper organizational diagnosis before creating his intervention and change process. He could have used any of the three approaches towards diagnosing the organizational culture. They include, behavioural approach, competing values approach and deep assumption approach.
Even though a corporate culture change was evident, Schulmeyer did not conduct any methods of evaluation in determining how to implement the intervention process at SNI in order to produce the expected results. Therefore Schulmeyer could have done an in depth culture research process using the outline of the four types of culture which is governed by particular aspects present which company personnel would not identify.
Issues/Recommendations Cont'd
• During the 13 week continuous study, change agents experienced high levels of stress as well as discontent. Therefore, Schulmeyer should have outlined in his plan that CAs who successfully implemented their projects upon their return at SNI would be rewarded in terms of bonuses, paid vacations as well as promotional options. These perks will empower their commitment to the organization which in turn will increase SNI’s productivity and ability to adapt to change without resistance.
The change agent program design by Schulmeyer appeared to be effective in allowing the CAs to be guided by sponsors but, since Schulmeyer conducted no proper forms of diagnosis, many changes had to be made to the CAP. These changes affected the agents and other participants of the program, the goal of the program remained intact but the development of leadership, business and project management skills seemed to be of more significance. This is where the change agent plan took a sharp turn towards termination.
• Overall, the intervention process was implemented with appropriate structure in terms of taking all levels of the organization into consideration, however, many improvements could have been made evaluation and diagnosis was conducted.
Thank you!!!!!
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