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Rex Walls in The Glass Castle

No description

Tori Brittany

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Rex Walls in The Glass Castle

Rex Walls was the father in the story The Glass Castle. He is the father of Jeanette, Brian, Lori and Maureen and the husband of Rose Mary. Rex Walls is a very intelligent man but also has many negative characteristics.
Rex Walls
Character growth throughout the book
Good Characteristics

Tori Hammond and Brittany Huckabee
Rex Walls in
The Glass Castle

Rex and Rose Mary Walls (1956)
Rex Walls is a very intelligent man who teaches his children very valuable lessons that can be useful in life. He teaches them to stick up for themselves, to be independent, and to face their fears.
Bad Characteristics
Rex has many negative characteristics about himself. Rex has a drinking problem. This effects his social behavior towards his wife Rose Mary and also his overall attitude. Rex struggles financially and can never keep a stable environment for his family.
In the first part of the book, Rex is seen as a horrible parent and husband. He is unable to support his family. He struggles to provide them with food and shelter most of the time, and also can come off as an unsupportive parent. Rex's character does not have much sympathy when it comes to his childrens wants or needs.
Growth Throughout The Book

Towards the end of the book, he becomes more supportive. He pays for Jeannettes college and shows that he is a more supportive parent than his previous actions showed. Rex has many different characteristics about himself that make him stand out in the Glass Castle and makes his role harder to figure out.
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