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Copy of The Most Dangerous Game

No description

bre mickle

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game
Written by Richard Connell
Created by Breanna Mickle
Ship-Trap Island
Where Rainsford's Pipe Fell
Rainsford's Swim
Rainsford's Arrival
at shore
The Jungle at Ship-Trap Island
"What perils that tangle of trees and underbrush might hold for him did not concern Rainsford just then."
What is said of the Jungle:
General Zaroff's Chateau
"....as he forged along he saw to his great astonishment that all the lights were in one enormous building -a lofty structure with pointed towers plunging upward into the gloom."
What is Said of the Chateau:
"I suggest too that you avoid the big swamp in the southeast corner of the island.We call it Death Swamp.There's quicksand there."-General Zaroff
Death Swamp
Located in the Southeast section of the island
Malay Mancatcher
The job was finished at last ,and he threw himself down behind a fallen log a hundred feet away.He did not have to wait long.The cat was coming again to play with the mouse.
...These stakes he planted in the bottom of the pit with the points sticking up...
He knew his pursuer was coming;he heard the padding sound of feet on soft earth....
Sapling Trap
He caught hold of a springy young sapling and to it he fastened his hunting knife,with the blade pointing down the trail;with a bit of wild grapevine he tied back the sapling.Then he ran for his life.
The End
Rainsford's Path
General Zaroff's Path
He had a never slept in a better bed,Rainsford decided.
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