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hungry kids in Africa

Most kids in Africa are dying of starvation and need our ghelp

lucas lichina

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of hungry kids in Africa

Double click anywhere & add an idea There are kids like this that are dying because of loss of food Some kids in Africa will not get to see their parents because they give all of thier food to the children..so they die WE found an idea to help these kids by setting up an orginazation to give these kids money and food. This organization gains money by people donating food and other luxury items to help these kids in need These kids need our help, you often see pictures of these kids, they arent strong, they can barley walk, but with your help we can change thAT sOME OF THESE KIDS HAVE GREAT POTENTAL, THEY COULD BE A FAMOUS STAR OR HAVE THE CURE FOR CANCER lAST YEAR OFVER 300,000 KIDS DIED OF STARVATION! SO OVERALL THIS IS A BIG DEAL AND WE NEED TO STOP THIS, SO TAKE A LITTLE MONEY AND GIVE IT TO THIS ORGANIZATION.
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