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Retail Scientifics

What we do

Jonathan Wilson

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Retail Scientifics

Our Core Team
What tools do we use?
Shawn Hanna
Jonathan Wilson PhD
What is Proper Data Science?
Delivering Analytical Excellence
Producing Actionable Results
Exceeding Targets
Customer Lifecycle Management
Customer Data Deduplication
"Sexiest Job of the 21st Century"
-- Harvard Business Review (2012)
Voice of the Customer
Talent Evaluation & Team Development
Desired Job Skills
Organizational Guidance
Talent Evaluation
How to Interview
Market Planning
SKU Rationalization & Assortment Planning
Chief Data Scientist
Managing Director
Suchitra Jagdish
Data Scientist
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Where can we help you?
Market Planning
Customer Lifecycle Management
Promotional Optimization
Voice of the Customer
Pricing Optimization
Database Deduplication
Marketing Mix Optimization
... and much more!
Assortment Planning
& SKU Optimization
What makes us special?
Retail Experience
Data Science
30+ years of combined applied retail data science experience
How can you leverage Big Data?
Purpose-driven modeling to identify and optimize your interaction with customers from acquisition to win-back.
Combining price elasticity calculations with product or category costs allows for profit optimization solutions.

Building in substitutes and complements along with competitor behavior yields a strategic plan.
Pricing Optimization
Site Selection Modeling
Acquisition Evaluation
Store Analogs
Knockoff Analysis
Customer Mapping

Market Planning is foundational to customer acquisition, competitive responsiveness, and long term growth.

Site sales estimation allows for responsive location assessments and market planning creates a proactive strategic opportunity to optimize your growth.
Do you have the same individuals with multiple records within your customer loyalty database?

Do you want to construct a household level view of analytics?

We have powerful algorithms which can deduplicate your records giving pinpoint accuracy into the behavior of your customers.
Topic Modeling
Sentiment Analysis
Correlation with Financials
Reporting + Dissemination
Utilize cutting edge natural language processing algorithms
Quantified insights into what your customers are saying
Empower a customer-centric approach to retail
Form your own Center of Excellence!
Optimize which products you should sell in each store
Find the best location for your products within each store
Applying segmentation with a specific purpose in mind creates value.

Segmentation for the case of story telling leads to failure.
Segment across:
Promotional Optimization
Who to contact?
How frequently?
What type of offer?
Which method/vehicle?

Direct mail
+ more...
Maximize incremental gains!
Contact Us
Follow us on twitter to keep informed with data science in retail:
For more information please contact us at:
Marketing Mix Optimization
Quantify the ROI associated with each marketing campaign.

Simulations provide an optimized budget roadmap to enhance your visibility.

Combine the model with internal knowledge for goal driven results.
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