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The Unwanteds

No description


on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of The Unwanteds

By: Lisa McMann The The setting is mostly in Quill and Artimé. It starts off in the dreary island of Quill but then it goes into the colorful and magical land of Artimé. The setting helps in the story because the book is pretty mysterious. Setting Main The main conflict or problem in this story is that Artimé might be discovered. They don't want it to get discovered because High Priest Justine knows that the Unwanteds will just damper Quill's success in everything. She wants them terminated. Just like the small nation's motto, Quill Prevails When The Strong Survive, they want the ones who will benefit the island and the ones who won't... dead. Main Conflict • Samheed and another Unwanted Will Blair keep sneaking off to the library at the strangest times. Alex follows them once and finds out that they are planning to build a 3D door, that Will can open to get to Quillitary school. when he gets there he wants to kill Aaron and use magic to look just like him so no one will suspect anything. Alex hurriedly tries to finish his door before Will and Samheed. He does and tries to convince Aaron to come with him but Aaron denies trying to convince himself that this is all a dream. Aaron thinks that Alex is dead. Main Events Quill goes to war with Artimé, which is probably the dumbest thing they will ever do. Lani has the chance to face her father. But he explains to her that he was always on Mr. Today's side. He says that the second she could be out of Quill, he would send her to Artimé. She forgives him and they fight against Quill together. The Artimésians easily defeat Quill and their rusty old machinery. Justine dies when Lani throws scatterclips, a type of magical weaponry, in her back. They Quillans have a choice. Will they continue their annual Purge? Or will they finally become civil? They choose to continue the Purge but as Mr. Today admits. It may take long for people to change, and even longer for civilizations. Solution Vocabulary UNWANTEDS Jayna Green Alexander Stowe Traits: caring, kind, smart, witty Alex is Unwanted. He has a twin brother named Aaron.That is all that he thinks about until he gets to Artimé. Then he's all people talk about. His magical gift is art. Lani Haluki Traits: ambitious, bookwork, vengeful Lani Haluki is the daughter of Mr. Haluki. He is High Priest Justine's 3rd in command. When she was set to be Unwanted she let everyone down.
Her magical gift is being surprising. Meghan Ranger Traits: curious, leader, cheerful Meghan has an older brother that was Unwanted as well. I wonder what their parents were like! They had two Unwanted kids! Meghan's magical gift is music. Samheed Burkesh Traits: impatient, demanding, drama queen Samheed was supposed to be going into Quillitary school but, Aaron reported him on the last day of school for "excessive boasting." His magical gift is drama. Mr. Today Traits: old, caring, knowing, smart Mr. Today is basically the director of Artimé. He sets things up and he is most commonly known to Quillans as the Death Farmer. High Priest Justine Traits: controlling, fearless, emotionless High Priest Justine is Quill's image. She controls and has much power over them. One stare from her and you'd be in the Death Farm.
She likes Aaron but little does she know... Aaron Stowe Traits: goody goody, listens, not creative Aaron Stowe is Alex's twin brother and he is Wanted. He has always followed rules and done more than he is expected of. He has been reporting people since age 6. •Alex misses his brother a lot and he keeps having dreams about Aaron. So one day Alex decides to start a new project making a 3D door. He sneaks into Mr. Today's office and sees magical blackboards. He realizes that he can type down any place and any time and they can show him it. He types down Aaron's dormitory room and by the end of that day he has Aaron's door memorized down to the cracks and the hinges. More Main Events • Aaron thinks he may have a solution for the problem that Quill is facing. Less fresh fruit. So he devises a plan that can help them with this matter. He thinks that a farm could run on a sort of liquid. so he think of the Great Lake of Boiling Oil. • Justine approves and they head there together but Artimé is right outside the border. Exactly where the Lake of Boiling Oil is. So Justine is shocked to see the magical land of Artimé. She wants to begin war with the Artimésians. So it's war she will get. Rejected Definition: refuse to have or take Synonyms: abandoned, denied antonyms: cherished, maintained Sentence: He felt rejected when he didn't make the basketball team. Eliminate Definition: to remove or throw out something Synonyms: annihilate, discard Antonyms: accept, include Sentence: We must eliminate the sharks! Hoist Definition: To lift a heavy object Synonyms: elevate, raise Antonyms: drop, fall Sentence: He hoisted the last box into the new house. Scouring Definition: to clean or polish thoroughly Characters Synonyms: abrade, buff Antonyms: dirty, filthy Sentence: She started scouring the kitchen because family was coming over. Thrill Definition: sudden excitement Synonyms: inspiration, fun Antonyms: calm, depression Sentence: She was excited for the thrill that came with it. Overwhelmed Definition: overcome in mind or feeling Synonyms: affected, overpowered Antonyms: unimpressed, overrated Sentence: Tanya was overwhelmed at
the sight of her dog in clothes. Fascinating Definition: of great interest or attraction Synonyms: alluring, appealing Antonyms: boring, repulsive Sentence: The scene was fascinating to her young eyes. Kitchenette Definition: a very small, compact kitchen Synonyms: gallery, mess Antonyms: house, flat Sentence: The kitchenette was in the corner of the room. Percolate Definition: to pass through a porous substance Synonyms: filter, trickle antonyms: trap, keep Sentence: He let the idea percolate in his
brain. Anxious Definition: greatly worried or in fear Synonyms: uneasy, eager Antonyms: content, peaceful Sentence: Ron was anxious because he lost his little sister in Disneyland. Artimé •The Purge when children at age 13 are given to the Death Farm to be... taken care of. Mr. Today saves them from sacrificing their lives and they are taken to Artimé. In Artimé they have the freedom to day things they aren't allowed to do in Quill. Although Alex wishes he was Wanted, he likes it in Artimé. In the future!
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