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Empire Total War

Turn based strategy game of 18th century Europe, the Americas, and India. Along with areas like the East Indies, Brazil, Ivory Coast,and Madagascar.

J-cup Lex

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Empire Total War

EmPIRE Total War I Empire Total War If you finish the grand campaign
you can play the Road to Independence
campaign where you start from the colonization
of Jamestown to the American War for
Independence. you can also purchase
the warpath campaign where
instead of playing as a European
nation you play as an American
Indian nation. You can also fight naval battles
and not just land battles. You can create large armies that
you will use to take as much
territory as possible. The grand campaign is the largest
and has the most nations to choose
from and the goal is to control the number
regions listed in the victory conditions. You can even zoom in on the battle
close enough to see close quarters fighting.
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