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My story. My Resume.

No description

Horacio Coutiño

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of My story. My Resume.

My Story & my Résumé
Why you shouldn't let me be
the one that got away.
Unlike most candidates I am up against, I present a frame of mind routed in principle and proven work ethic in an international context.
International Exposure
The education and experience I have been fortunate enough to acquire from both countries (Canada & Mexico) constitute one of the greatest assets of my career, one that strengthens a multicultural insight and ignites a compelling sense of team work.
My Career
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
T. S. Eliot

To date, my career has been extremely rewarding and productive.

Every field I've worked in, from Wealth Management to Microfinance and in widely divergent conditions, has rendered me unafraid to learn and unafraid of reinvention, grateful of the diverse set of skills, knowledge and relationships I have developed.
Commitment & Drive
Commitment is a true and natural result of
the north star that guides me.

If you intend to compete in a global economy and be among the best. If you strive for greatness with resolve and passion in your endeavors and look for a candidate whom will also endeavor to embody the best of his capabilities.

I am the guy for you.
The next step in my career will hopefully be one where I will be able to share this valuable work experience I have acquired abroad, the set of skills I have developed, as well as the following qualities: A desire to confer meaning to our actions; dedication that goes beyond borders and commands the better effort to excel expectations; leadership built on sound principles coupled with a fond ability to listen and learn from others.
Let's make it happen
Thank you for your time and consideration

The best of two cultures
The punctuality, precision, mutual respect and efficiency of the Canadian culture accompanied by the keen and amicable spirit in addition to the 'everything is possible' ways of the Mexican culture, together constitute the work ethic and soft skills I posses.
I can bring the best of two very different professional environments.
Proven Work Ethic
I am proud of the accomplishments that, together with diverse teams and partners, I have been able to bring about.
Global Investment Insight
My experience at RBC Dominion Securities deemed me grateful for the understanding of international investors' perspective: portfolio management and risk assessment techniques; furthermore, an understanding of their expectations and concerns as well as acknowledgment of the diverse stakeholders and incentives at play.
Nothing splendid was ever created in cold blood. Heat is required to forge anything. Every great accomplishment is the story of a flaming heart.
Arnold H. Glasow
2013 - 2015
2008 - 2010
Internship at Monex
Monex was my first experience in the financial markets field where I was able to better understand - beyond theory - how the Mexican stock market works. As an intern I was not allowed to err: precision is a virtue I have embraced and resort to, wherever I go.
Designed a VB Macro to update financial data from Internet sources.
Updated and printed the clientele financial statements.
Provided technical analysis for the components of Mexico's benchmark IPC stock index for 2004.
Financial and Strategic Planning at Alfin
At Alfin, while working for two different communities in Veracruz and Chiapas, I was given the opportunity to effectively manage diverse projects with multiple stakeholders to ensure a greater return. My role at Alfin required to go above and beyond the call of duty. I did.
Assessed the potential demand for the Company’s services.
Quantitative valuation of investment projects that conducted financial and strategic decisions.
Successfully conducted the due diligence and investment presentations for the company’s first asset sale.
Associate Consultant at Acceso Bursátil
Efficient project management, in-depth analysis, different presentations with clients and up to date knowledge of international capital markets was required to be provided by us. We excelled at surpassing our clients' expectations.
Development of an industry report on the Mexican banking industry.
Analysis of daily information regarding bonds’ yields and prices, focused on the Mexican and United States’ issuance.
Contributed to the assessment of the Risk and Economic Strategy Committees of the firm’s largest client.
Analyst at Pichardo Asset Management
At Pichardo Asset Management I developed different valuation models that strengthened the company's investment strategy in Mexico's stock market. I also participated in projects that led to a productive team effort in a multitasking environment.
Fundamental analysis of the stock components of Mexico’s stock index IPC.
Weekly and monthly report of USD 90 million-portfolio performance.
Contributed to the Company’s potential SICAV prospectus.
Associate at
RBC Dominion Securities
The most rewarding experience I have had so far. I was immersed in a culture that excels at being the best at what they do, one that grants merit to those who demonstrate dedication and hard work. I strove to innovate and exceed expectations: the response I got from my coworkers and Vice President are the proof of the successful and productive partnership I nurtured with RBC.
Reporting of clients’ portfolio performance and risk assessment (VAR).
Contributed to developing the group’s 2013 – 2014 business plans.
Financial modeling that assessed the viability of clients’ retirement plans.
Equity Research at Pensionissste
A great experience, one where I learned the true growth potential of Mexico's financial markets and how far we've got to go. Working for an Institutional Investor, Mexico's State Pension Fund, allowed me to develop the conversations regarding investment theses that truly create value as well as aspire to adopt and apply the industry's highest standards.
Design of Mexico's State Pension Fund's global equity strategy through ETFs.
Presentation of the global strategy and follow up to Fund's the Investment Committee.
Research of different scenarios in stock markets, volatility of asset classes, back testing of fund flows and fundamental strategies.
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