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Democratic citizenship - Decision Making & Student Council

Democratic citizenship - Decision Making & Student Council

Jack Jones

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Democratic citizenship - Decision Making & Student Council

Decision Making in the Classroom
Decision Making & Student Council
Democracy & Decision-making
Throughout our lives, we are members of different groups or
associations, such as;
In all such associations from the smallest to the largest, decisions have to be taken for the association as a whole.
These decisions are about;

the goals to be pursued,
the rules to be followed,
the distribution of responsibilities,
and benefits between members.
Through their learning and experience in the school setting, students can;

develop the habits and skills for lifelong engagement with the democratic process and human rights values, both through formal decision-making processes as well as through everyday interactions.
Competencies in Democratic
Decision Making and Action;
To develop students for lifelong engagement, the following competencies can be practiced such as by doing task-based activities
(simulation of reality in class)
• Accepting responsibilities
• Collaboration
• Critical thinking
• Negotiation and compromise
• Express opinions, values and interests appropriately
• Problem solving
• Open Mind
(Being open and receptive to new thoughts, beliefs or
consciousness must start with an open mind and an open heart.)

Mind mapping & Brainstorming can help students look at a problem from different perspectives
6-Hat - Conducting a decision from different aspects
Mind tools to make a common decision;
Student Council
It is a representative structure
for students only, through which they
can become involved;
in the affairs of the school,
working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students
• takes the responsibility of representing the whole student body.
• is an opportunity for students to share ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and administration.
• allows students to build leadership as well as other skills.
• interacts, negotiates and bargains, exercise
pressure, makes decisions together.
No partner has complete control over the other.

Student council;
• gets students to participate in the affairs of the school.
• helps students share their concerns with teachers or school principals.
• helps students to develop their competencies for lifelong.

Why student council is important
-Because it;
educational institutions
Part I
Democracy and Decision Making
Decision Making in the Classroom
Competencies for Democratic Decision Making
Mind Tools to Make a Common Decision

Part II
Student Council
Why a student council is important?
Would you follow the majority or question them
or do something else
you were in that elevator ...
Would you follow the majority or question them
or do something else
you were in that elevator ...
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