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The Human Body, and All its Wonders

Hello, This is a project I made for my biology class. If everyone can see this.... Wait, I forgot what I was going to say. Haiz?

Chris Couch

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Human Body, and All its Wonders

The Body and All Its Wonders The First Line The Second Line The Third Line Skin The Cillia
Grease and Oils The skin provides a layer of cells that are too small for some bacterium to pass through, and a shield against other forms of attacks against the body. The greases and oils found on the body provide an aditional layer to fight off bacteria. The oils will keep certain bacteria from invading the body Macrophage The macrophage is a eater cell, which engulfs the invading bacteria. They then release a flag showing the bacteria's marker, allowing the body, mainly helper-T's, to make antibodies Memory cells Memory cells are created to remember the invading bacteria. This allows the body to remember what the bacteria was like, so the next time it encounters it, the body will already have antibodies to counter it. Helper-T's The Helper-T's find the macrophage and take the flag from the consumed bacteria, and create the antibodies to fight off the invading cells. Natural Killers The natural killer cells release enzymes called perforin, which kills the cells. These natural killer cells will kill all cells they encounter, even if they are not infected. The cillia carry dead cells down the body, to be disposed or ingested. THE END
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