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No description

Mark Tawadrous

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of ELDP 4

Market's needs
Future Dentistry in Egypt
Feeling unreached and can't go out to a dental clinic?
Home-bounded patients & disabled
reach you and provide the dental services that you deserve
Fed up of being stuck in Cairo's Jammed traffic to visit your dentist?
visit your place and deliver the dental service you need
Discouraged patients
Having a blocked schedule that can't fit a dentist?
Time pressure
fit in
Feeling nervous about clinical atmosphere?
Discomfort patients
provide dental care inside your comfort zone
Presented by
Mark Mokhles
Portable Dental Service
Using new dental equipment without compromise in quality, hygiene or performance
Built-in 1/3 hp compressor
Built-in vacuum pump
Pressure gauge
Operating light w/external mount
X-ray viewer
3 hand piece connectors (2 high, 1 slow speed)
Fiber Optic hand piece connector
3 way syringe w/dry air
High vacuum suction
Saliva ejector
700 ml water bottle
770 ml vacuum bottle
Light Cure
Ultrasonic scaler
NOMAD employs an external backscatter shield to protect the operator from reflected radiation. This shield produces a cone-shaped protection zone extending behind it. At the position where the operator stands, the zone has a diameter of over 6 feet, enough to protect the operator’s entire body.In addition, radiation shielding inside NOMAD ensures that leakage from the x-ray source itself is virtually eliminated, protecting the operator’s hands and other areas close to the device
The Portable operatory system
Fully self contained. Just add power and water.
Portability is getting better
Newest Portable X-ray Machine
Old portable ways
Magnifying Loupes with lighting system
Is it safe?
Infection Control
Major Concern
Dental services provided
Time Line
April '13
Meet our strategic partners
Feb '14
Jan '13
Team building and brain stroming
Market Study & Surveys
INCREASE our research work
Modifying Bu$ine$$ Model
March '14
Train with other portable dental services abroad
Buy & Try Full Portable Dental System
it is used to take digital x-rays that appear on a lap-top computer instantaneously! Various sterilized instruments and dental materials are also brought in according to the type of treatment that is going to be rendered.
Do I need any specific information to make an appointment?
Yes. Information needed is:
Patient’s name
Address and phone number where patient is residing
Name, address and phone number of person responsible for patient’s account.
Name of dental insurance company and the name of the employer furnishing dental insurance
Patient’s birthday
Social Security Number
Reason for dental appointment ( Toothache? Broken tooth? Needs cleaning, etc.)
Is patient taking a blood thinner? (Coumadin, Plavix)
Is patient allergic to any medications?
Is patient allergic to latex gloves?
Does the patient have any metal pins or replacements parts in body? ( Knee replacement, etc.)
A list of medications the patient is taking.
Any heart conditions?
At previous dental appointments-did the patient need to take an antibiotic before dental appointments?
If so, Why?
What is the name of the antibiotic?
Mark Mokhles
BD in Dentistry 2012
Cairo University
Getting Ready
How Much?
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
1.Training costs
4.Rented place
60 years +
(35% of population)
25-60 years
(50% of population)
0-25 years
(15% of population)
Market share
Needs our service
15% will choose us
75,000 patients need us and can afford our service in
Nasr Ciry, Heliopolis, Rehab city, New Cairo, Obour & shorouk
Each portable dentist will be covered
Average cost/dentist
12,000 LE
Average cost
10,000 LE/year
40,000 LE /year
70,000 LE/year
40,000 LE/year (excluding dentists)
Fund to Start
Average fund to start for a year 350,000 LE
Break-even point is after 2 years
Checklist for site assessment of portable treatment
Infection Control Checklist for Dental Settings Using Mobile Vans or Portable Dental Equipment
Checklist for Infection Control in Dental Settings
• Examinations
• X-rays
• Fillings
• Cleanings
• Crowns
Minor Orthodontic cases (invisalign)
• Gum Treatment
• Custom Partials
• Root Canal ttt
• Extractions
• Dentures
Later on
Portablilty getting easy
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