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John Smith

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Corruption

Corruption In Soccer
Alejandro Uricoechea Miguel Samper Alejandro Rengifo Felipe Angarita Simon Lopez
South Africa 2010 Brazil 2014
Qatar 2022
Corruption With Players Involved
Intro to FIFA
Since 1904 created in Zurich, Switzerland
209 nations
Sepp Blatter
Non profit organization
Tax Evation
Local Corruption
Pablo Escobar
Messi best soccer player in the world is being prosecuted by the spanish revenue authorities.
Evaded between 35 to 41 million euros.
Didnt pay for image rights between 2007-2009.
Cartel de Cali
Fifa Courts
Budweiser Law
1980'S, 1990'S
As head of the Medellin cartel Pablo Escobar was the mayor investor for Atletico Nacional.
Investing in Colombia's Atletico Nacional allowed him to combine his drug wealth with his passion.
Corruption in Football Clubs
Inadequate conditions to play soccer:
Temperatures over 50° Celsius.
Lack of infrastructure.
Labor abuses.
Mohammed Bin Hammam
On the other hand the rival drug traffickers of the time the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers held shares in America de Cali.
America de Cali has been on the United States Treasury Department's list of sport clubs tied to drugs for 12 years.
Investing in clubs was a big ego boost for the bosses.
Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha also known as "El Mexicano" was the major share holder in Bogota's well know club Millonarios F.C.
Under Rodriguez Gacha's mandate Millonarios acquired 2 championship titles. 1987-1988
He considered that investing in football clubs was good for public relations

Barcelona paid 150 M for brazilia star
Sandor Rosell quit Barcelona due to irregularities in his signing
Creating Tax Fraud
Juventus, AC Milan, Fiorantina, Lazio.
Relations between the clubs personnel and referee organizations
Caught by the police because of telephone interceptions
Chose favorable referees
Budget for Brasilia`s Stadium was 300 million dollars, but tripled to 900 million due to fraudulent billing.
Andrade Gutierrez

2008 Municipal Elections Donations: 78,180 dollars
2012, 37.1 million
Got to renovate 4 stadiums
About 275 million were found to be involved in priced-gouging.
Considered one of the most corrupt organisms in the world

More than 700 fixed matches.
Brett Forrest.
Chinese mafia.
World Cup Qualification.
The Big Fix
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