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Q6 Evaluation

No description

becky pilling

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Q6 Evaluation

Q6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Technology Used Still Camera PC Printer Internet 2 Software Programmes
-Adobe Photoshop
-Quark XPress Voice Recorder Roles I Assumed Journalist Photographer Sub-editor Graphic Designer Layout sub-editor Proof Reader Easiest Role? For me the easiest role was proof reading as it was quick and simple scanning through my work for corrections. Hardest Role? The hardest role was being the journalist by having to find a band to interview, however it was the one I enjoyed the most; creating and asking the questions. I used Adobe Photoshop to create my music magazine front cover. Without photoshop I don't think my magazine would have been as effective in persuading the target audience to buy it. Adobe Photoshop As a result of desk top publishing (DTP) it means that anyone can actually make a magazine with the right equipment. Also through DTP jobs have been lost as not as many people are needed to create a magazine. Furthermore deadlines are shorter as magazines can be produced much quicker. The tools on photoshop were easy to use and helped to ensure that my work looked professional and enticing. For example the magic wand tool helped me to achieve a high level of accuracy when cutting and selecting parts of images. For the title and main coverline on my music magazine front cover I added an outer glow so it looked like it had been lifted out of the background of the main image. On any other programmes I doubt I could have achieved this effect. There were also tools that allowed me
to airbrush images so that they blended into the background and this gave it a more professional look. Blogger Quark XPress I used blogger to log and keep track of all of the coursework I have created and the research leading up to it. I updated my blog everytime I had completed a piece of research and a section from the task booklet. Blogger has allowed me to create work on other websites such as prezi and slideshare so that there is a range of digital technology and ICT in my presentation. Furthermore I could then embed these into my blog so that there was no need to click a link and be transported to another website. My blog enabled me to see the progress I was making throughout my work, and it makes it easy to locate changes. Quark aided me in keeping my work central and perfectly in line from the blue guide lines, which gave the contents page and double page spread a professional look. I was able to construct a drop capital on my double page spread by going into style then formats, and then chose how many lines deep it would be. This also instantly gave it a professional look. Quark has features and an easy to use toolbar which made the production much faster and easier than anticipated. For my double page spread I imported a word document that I had previously typed to make the production even more efficient and simple to create. To then set it out into the conventional 3 columns I could have made 3 text boxes and linked them all to one another, or for an even quicker way just go into formats.
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