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Sexual Inequality

This presentation is about unequal rights of homosexuals. Fullscreen!

Malaika Queano

on 5 October 2011

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Transcript of Sexual Inequality

Sexual Inequality
by Malaika Queano Same-Sex Marriage The issue of same-sex marriage first caught public attention in 1993, when the Supreme Court of Hawaii ruled that the denial of three homosexual couples' marriage licenses was unconsitiutional because of discrimination on the basis of sex (not sexual orientation)
After the affirmation of same-sex marriage became a heated issue in Hawaii, conservatives campaigned nationally to prevent a spreading of the recognition of same-sex marriage in other states
In 1996, the United States Congress approved the "Defense of Marriage Act" which denied Federal recognition of same-sex marriages
In the last recent years, same-sex marriage became the main goal of gay-rights organizers Functionalist Homosexuals can be seen as "innovators." They accept the goals of society to improve one's life and build a family but pursue them in ways that can be regarded as improper.
For example, because homosexuals cannot legally marry in some states they must find alternative ways to adopt as a couple. When Matt and Ray Lees wanted to adopt a 7 month-old earlier this year, they could only jointly do so if they were married. Thus, only one of them legally adopted the child while the other one cannot be considered a legal guardian. They have done this with seven other children (six of them shown below). Social Self Vary by State Same-sex marriage is legal in Washington, D.C., Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. New York has also recently legalized same-sex marriage, being the largest state to do so. Young homosexuals are often affected similarly by the society around them: they become nervous and sometimes even frightened of others' responses to their sexual orientation so they hide themselves. The "Generalized Other" dictates what the social expectations of a young girl or boy are and percieve individuals based on this standard (in this case, their sexual orientation). Homosexuals are then socialized to understand that they need to put "considerable effort, constant vigilance, and behavioral self-editing" into keeping their sexual orientation a secret because the "Generalized Other" might not approve. Because of the "Me" that homosexuals have been socialized to expect, the "I" acts to conceal its true self. Institutional Discrimination Arizona recently passed a law requiring social workers to give preference to married heterosexual couples over gay couples in adoptions
The expansion of civil unions in some states have led religious-based charities to change or shutdown operations in places they have been passed A recent case Greene v. Sonoma County involves two men, Greene and Scull, who had lived together for 20 years. The couple was separated by the County after Scull had fallen outside their home. For the next three months the county unlawfully auctioned their possessions, terminated their lease, forced Greene into a nursing home, and prevented the two from seeing each other during Scull's medical care. Though they had made sure to execute mutual powers of attorney for medical and financial decisions as well as naming each other on their wills, Scull died before being reunited with his loved one. Individual Discrimination Recently in San Diego, a devout Catholic named John Sanfilippo was denied a funeral by Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church because of having been gay
Violent hate crimes against homosexuals and transgenders had rose 13 percent in 2010, according to anti-violence groups Gender Roles "It was hard for them as two fathers at first. Their eldest daughter, 6 at the time, cried and asked who would cook and do her hair. But those days are long past."
--TIME on Matt and Ray Lees

One of the big concerns about gay families is the upbringing of children
The cause for concern has to do with the breaking down of gender roles. According to Judith Lorber, adoloescents experience socialization and ascribed gender through their families and learn what is feminine and masculine from their parents.
Same-sex families would not fit the structure of typical families that are agents of socialization Deviance and Social Control Homosexuals can be cosidered deviants because they deviate from socially acceptable gender roles. Since gender roles are so important to structuring social life, society demands that gender statuses be clearly differentiated. Sexual orientation plays a large role in gender status.
Gay psychiatrist Dr. Loren Olson examines the lives of closeted gay men in his book "Finally Out: Letting Go of Living Straight." Staying in the closet is a form of self-control, the most effective kind of social control. Prejudice There are many stereotypes of gay people. Gay men are often thought of as flamboyant and feminine while lesbians have often thought of as tomboys.
Based on national surveys, heterosexuals' attituteds towards homosexuals has actually shown more accepting views in recent years Bibliography
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