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Rhyan Norwood

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Rhyan Norwood Ethics: My Hero Moral Characteristics Superman ! The Character I Chose Was Superman. Qualities 1. One of the characteristics Superman posses is justice, he always stands for what is right.

2. Another quality Superman has is trustworthiness.

3. The last trait he has is selflessness. Application in Life All of these characteristics can be used by average
people everyday. You can have justice simply by
seeing something that is wrong and standing up for
what is right in that situation. A way to be trustworthy is by being honest when you make mistakes. Lastly you can be selfless by doing something nice for someone else instead of your
self Conclusion All in all, I feel that Superman is a great role model,
and he has many traits that I think eveyone can benefit
from. ~Reference Information~ 1. netage.org/2010/03/01/superman-a-mythical-american-2/

2. http://superman.wikia.com/wiki/Clark_Kent

3. Prevoius Knowledge of Movies
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