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BY4: Metabolism

No description

Paul Sheffield

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of BY4: Metabolism

BY4: Metabolism
L.O ATP and Respiration

Oxidative phosphorylation
Substrate level phosphorylation
30 KJmol-1
Imediate energy
one enzyme
small amounts of energy
common source for many different reactions
Universal energy currency: Internediary molecule

ATP short term
use 50g per day but only 5g stored at a time
most storage is Starch or glycogen
hydrolysis and condensation
lowers activation energy: added to a molecule making it more reactive
What is respiration?
Word equation
Symbol equation
What is ATP?
What is metabolism?
what is a metabolic pathway?
pages 173-74
answer the following
ATP=ADP cycle
Structure of ATP and ADP
Roles of ATP
what is ATPase?
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