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Monique Munro 8p


Monique Munro

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Monique Munro 8p

Graphics 2012 Monique Munro Design Brief The number of lessons we have in a fortnight
How hard we work each lesson
Accessibility to resources (internet/computers)
Our skills and confidence in experimenting with new software
Only 1 teacher to help us
Sick days Design Limitations A well designed graphic image will... Criteria for Success Time Action Plan be simple but effective and attract the appropriate audience. It will function and perform what it is design to do. (sell/promote clothes)Look good and definitely not be pixelated. It will be at an appropriate size not being too big or too small. It will show a good use of Ergonomics and use of images (appropriate to the name.) It will also show a good and well educated understanding of the programs, software and hardware it is using. Logo Research Logo names Misty Moon
All sorts
Someday And the Choice is... Misty Moon Because... ... The name will suite the design. Its delicate and smoothly said. Its got a calming vibe to it that (if it were 'really' selling clothes) entices buyers. It would make sense too because the logo is a moon design. Logos And i choose.... Swing Tags In Graphics this term 8p is studying different logo designs to go forth and make our own logo and swing tag for a range of clothing using the programs illustrator and Photoshop. They will be presented creatively on paper and fabric. A port folio on prezi must also be submitted. And the one i choose is... how to attach my swing tag string/ ribbon
hole at top (hole punch)
Attach to garment in a visible place Labeling requirements for clothing The labeling requirements of an australian garment are....
Where it is made
How to look after it
what can damage it
The Cost
What it is made of (cotton etc)
Positioning the label in a visible place Evaluation of my Design project I met the design brief by listening to all instructions conducted by the teacher, staying on task and putting into practice the teachers advise and knowledge. I made sure I produced a logo/swing tag/ prezi folio and nothing else.
I met the criteria for success by using creativity and (after a good few lessons of using photo shop and illustrator) an educated understanding of the software. I believe my logo is simple, will engage the appropriate audience and proudly promote the clothes it is selling. It is not pixelated and i wouldn't use it if it was. It goes well with the name but i think the logo could of been a bit bigger in size.
In graphics, overall I think I was successful but of coarse with everything you have your good days witch keeps you ahead but its the bad days that can really slow you down. I know I could of asked the teacher for help and that could of changed how my logo and swing tag look today.
The design process was organized though the time management plan witch kept me on track well. I made sure I had something to do each lesson and set mini goals throughout the term. I seeked advise and help from peers who without them I wouldn't of been successful. I overcame certain doubts and fears I had in using the different programs and now that I have, will definitively use them in future projects.
Time was a big issue and if I had the opportunity to make another logo I would take it! I had so much fun that i am sad it has come to an end.
Its hard to highlight the positive features of my design. I would rather someone else to do that and work with that info to create a better design next time but I think that its best feature is that its simple and modern. These two things are very important because we live in a fast developing world and more and more logos are becoming increasingly simpler. If this is the case of trying to get more buyers then its worth a shot. I also believe that the moon is pretty cool (just as a side note!)
Overall I found this opportunity great in expanding my creative skills. Designing the moon was tricky so i found a way to over come it by Photoshoping the sketch and adding color over it witch turned out quite nice. The easiest part of graphics for me was probably making the barcode because it was quite simple and straightforward. Thank you Mrs Hampson!!
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