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BC Dairy System Diagram

No description

kelly chan

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of BC Dairy System Diagram

Goals Input Boundaries Interactions of the System Output Components "Our purpose is to advance the legitimate business interest of this province's dairy farmers and to promote a vibrant and sustainable industry that supplies only the best quality milk and milk products to our consumers." BC Dairy System BC Farm Animal Care Council BC Dairy System is the third largest dairy producer in Canada
contributes to Canada's production in:
domestic cheese
other processed milk
supplies all fluid milk in BC
produces more than 650 million liters of milk "Milk, forever at the heart of a healthy community." BC Milk Marketing Board (BCMMB) BCMMB is responsible for the regulation and organization of the production, transportation, quality, and marketing of dairy products produced within British Columbia.

Examples of their duties include:
presenting license to milk producers, vendors, and transporters
modify and regulate milk prices
organize milk pick-up and delivery schedule
create and share collected dairy information to the media BC Milk Producers Association (BCMPA) BCMPA is the representative of all the dairy producers in British Columbia, who are entitled to lobbying, advocating and communicating with industry members. BC Dairy Foundation (BCDF) BCDF encourages and promotes milk consumption through educational nutrition programs, workshops and events created for all age groups.

Examples of such activities include:
BC Dairy Industry Conference
Hands-on Cook-off Contest
Milk Run BC Dairy Councils (BCDC) BCDC is the representative of the dairy processors in British Columbia, responsible for communicating and discussing ideas between consumers, producers and government agencies. Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) regulates the issues and policies associated with dairy farms
associated with lobbying, trade and marketing development
create stable conditions for dairy farmers in the present and future Dairy Industry Development Council all dairy producers are required to pay the levy
board collects producers' levies and amount is reported to council
responsible for redistribution in fair amounts Milk Industry Act Supply Management System BC Agriculture Council (BCAC) Financial Institutions set regulations for farmers to establish and maintain an appropriate environment for milk production
set guidelines to create an adequate and safe home for cattle
establish rules for milk management maintains price stability in dairy markets
works to meet Canadian consumers' demands without being dependent on imports
supports local agriculture monitors animal's welfare
communicate with producers to provide the best animal care
work with challenges and inform public about practices supplies crops and nutrients for animals to consume
provides necessary supplies to sustain the animals provides long and short term financial requirements for the maintenance of dairy farms

Example: Farm Credit Corporation Maintenance of Animals Agriculture business
fertilizer and seeds to grow crops
soy, barely, alfalfa, corn gluten
Veterinary business
medical care
artificial insemination service Engineering development of sustainable machinery to operate milking systems
building of adequate barns to sustain animals Labour BC Dairy System is home to 11,000 employees
management of system in:
delivery Canadian Quality Milk Program established by Dairy Farmers of Canada
acknowledged by Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Program strictly monitors:
milking process on animals
proper storage and treatment to milk products
physical movement of animals
the usage of medicines and chemicals on animals
the sterilization of milking equipment
"Assessment of wash water for microbiological parameters" References:
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Farming and Fishing Industries Development Act Dairy Industry.(2005).
Queen's Printer, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Milk Industry Act. 2012. Queen's Printer, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Canadian Quality Milk Program (CQMP) To help Canadian dairy producers prevent, monitor and reduce risks of food safety through science-based and preventative methods, to improve the quality standards of Canadian milk products. BC Milk Association BC Milk Producers To be successful dairy farmers that produce fresh and good quality fluid milk for consumers, while maintaining a safe and sustainable environment for cows. regulates prices of products produced by... discusses issues and concerns to... interacts to promote milk consumption with... Input is required to
produce Output Output is required to make
money to support Input Interactions provide resources
required for Input Components work together towards the Goals Goals motivate & encourage
the formation of Components. Boundaries control and regulate the Output Boundaries enforce and maintains stability in the Components Components take part in
the Interactions By Group 46
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