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Project automatic cradle

No description

jack kobain

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Project automatic cradle

Automatic Cradle is a device that is
designed to minimize and ease the
burden for the parents when sleeping their baby. By using microcontroller technology and few sensor, monitoring baby in sleep is easy. Parent can observe their baby without spending too much time beside the baby.
-Our main objective is to help parents especially those who are busy, doesn’t have maid, nursery and many more.
-Conventional baby cot is not so efficientbecause it is not save energy and time.
-In our project, we used a microcontroller and sensor to do all the works.
-We used microcontroller to do all the work.
-We have program it to work with certain
-We also program it to give instruction
to the input and output device.
-Sensor will be taken from the baby itself.
-The built in timer in the microcontroller will
regulate the operation time.
-The main scope is to make student familiar with microcontroller IC.
-We can learn the function of sensor more details.
-To make used of student knowledge.
-To introduce student with designing their own idea.
We used 3 circuits in this project:
-Microcontroller circuit.
-Vibrating sensor circuit. (input)
-Transmit circuit.
-Receiver circuit.
Circuit Involved:
Circuit Layout:
Microcontroller Circuit:
-In microcontroller circuit, it used 5 volt.
-The microcontroller have 20pin.
-Microcontroller will control the input and output peripherals.
-We program it using computer software.
-Inside this circuit, we used a voltage
regulator, oscillator, capacitor, resistor,
Switches and LED.
-The vibrating sensor located in here.
System Operation:
-The system will start when the auto/ manual button is selected. If the mother want to use manual mode, she must select the manual modes.
-In manual modes, the system will work manually. Then the mother must push the push on button to start the system.
-The motor will start working according to the time program in the microcontroller.
-The platform will moved for a period of time before stop.
System Operation
-For the auto mode, the mother must select to auto.
-Then the sensor will start to observe the baby. The 1 sensor, the vibrate detector will detect movement by the baby.
-If the baby start movement, the vibrate detector will detect and give signal to the AC motor for start working.
-The motor will move for a period of time before stop.
System Operation:
-If the baby start to move around, the vibrating detector will trigger.
-The vibrating sensor is like a switch.
-It will switch on the AC motor for a period of time.
-At the same time, transmit circuit (TX) will be sender the signal to receiver circuit (RX) and the buzzer will be sound.
-That is how the operation system of our project.
-Our project is more user friendly.
-It can be used with all kind of baby.
-It save electricity and time because the device will stop after a period of time.
-The microcontroller is programmable.
-It can be used in many function with minor
modification. For example: etching PCB board.
Finished Project:
-We want to make baby feel comfortable.
-Make easy to parent when they want to sleep their baby.
-Help parent monitor their baby.
-It can is versatile, can be used in many way.
-Can be commercialized. Sell to nursery.
thank you
jefri dahlan
alif azman
abdul aziz
Mr Saharuddin Talib
Mr Ariffin Jamaludin
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