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Ogilvy's Re-branding of Mexico

No description

Skylar Phaup

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Ogilvy's Re-branding of Mexico

Ogilvy's Re-branding of Mexico
Cultural Challenges
Cartel Violence
Crime Index
No Response
Negative Media Coverage on International Basis
Decline in Tourism and Generated Revenue
Examples of Ethnocentrism
"Mexico: The Place You Thought You Knew"
World Heritage
Cultural Diversity
History (Mayan, Day of the Dead, etc.)
Golf Courses
Luxury Travel
Top Travel Destination
Recent Activity
Reallocation of Mexico Tourism Board's Global Marketing Budget
Social Media Campaigns
More Applicable Markets
Tourism Revival and New Record Highs
New Goals
Media Effort
Press Coverage
International Ranking
Significant Participants
Ogilvy Public Relations was the company hired who's job was to reset the media dialogue and tell Mexico's good news and their untold story
They have worked with organizations and government agencies like Goodyear, Google+, FEMA, Louis Vuitton, Nestle, Mexico, European Commission, US Department of Homeland Security, etc.
"Ogilvy PR crafts the right content for the right audience segment at the right time in traditional and social/digital media". --Christopher Graves, Global CEO
Worked in 85 offices around the world as well as the US
MEXICO Campaign: http://www.ogilvypr.com/en/case-study/mexico-place-you-thought-you-knew
Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) and Gloria Guevara, Mexico's Security of Tourism, wanted to change the misconceptions of Mexico to reach out to new target audiences like Europe and Canada and to reset US media dialogue
Basic PR Issues Resolved
Mexico's Secretary of Tourism launched a bold, new tourism strategy for the country, predicated on diversification of both product and tourism target in mid-2011
By doing this, they created MTB and Oglivy PR wanted to create a communications strategy that would reset the US media dialogue, thus balancing the tone and substance of media coverage and most importantly to bring tourists back into Mexico
They also wanted to reach out to Europeans and Canadians to draw them to Mexico's beaches, landscapes, cities, and historical sites
Mexico's image issues and tourism issues were improved over the length of this case study
Time Frames Relevant to Achievement
The research from Empower indicates that during this period the number of positive articles has increased ten-fold and tone of that coverage has shifted from "negative/neutral" to "neutral/positive"
Since March 2011, Ogilvy PR secured over 250 interviews, positively impacted tourist numbers (3% increase) and tourism business investment--over $1 billion earmarked for 2011-2015 (10% increase)
This increase has resulted in over two billion positive media impressions
Time Frames, continued.
From January through September 2011, year-on-year, almost 17 million international tourists traveled to Mexico, a 3% annual increase
At this rate, Mexico expects to receive a record number of international foreign visitors in 2011
Tourism infrastructure investment in Mexico was up 127% from 2010
Approximately USD $1.5 billion will be sent on new hotel developments in Mexico by IHG-Group, Starwood, Marriot and Hilton, in addition to the construction of the first Tiger Woods designed golf course to be built outside of the United States
2012 Silver Anvil Award of Excellence in Marketing Consumer Services, Travel and Tourism, and Hospitality
Gold SABRE Finalist in Travel and Tourism
2012 Silver Bulldog Media Relations Award
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