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This is the newest IPhone that will come later in the year 2

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of This is the newest IPhone that will come later in the year 2

Future Technology
By Kiana and Abi

Increased living costs and environmental factors have resulted in smaller, cheaper, more energy-efficient cars.This car will be coming out in 2050. I don't think this will be different to cars now besides the apperance.
Solar Panel Plane
The solar panel plane has already had 7 test flights. There is a purpose to use solar panels as it will reduce pollution. This could help our ozone layer a lot . I think this is a good thing cause it could slow down global warming .
Windows 9
Windows 9 will be coming out in 2015 . Even though Windows 8 had much criticism they had past that and are now working on Windows 9. We won't know if it will be better until it comes out. I think it will be good or at least better then Windows 8.
Oxygen Converter
This is a machine that acts like gills underwater that doesn’t need oxygen cylinders because it gets it oxygen from the water in the ocean. This is a great creation in my opinion because it could actually save lives and we could find more discoveries
This is a camera sat-nav that tells you where you are and places to go. It has a clear screen so you can see where it’s telling you to go. It can give you safe route to take if you are lost in an unfamiliar environment. I think it’s an amazing piece of technology
Future Technologies
By Kiana and Abi
IPhone 6
This is the newest IPhone that will come later in the year 2014. It’s a touch screen phone and the width of the screen is 4.7 inches. People could use this to call family members or use it for work. In my opinion the phone isn’t essential because it just like any other phone except in looks different
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