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Learn More About Arise

No description

Keir Greenwood

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Learn More About Arise

I wish I could be my own boss...

I wish I could work when I wanted to...

I wish I could really influence how much I earn...

I wish I could choose the customers I interact with...

I wish I could use the skills I have and be given new skills...

I wish I could do ALL of that without ever leaving the house...
Welcome to YOUR new world of opportunity!
....And bring the city to you!
Interested in
Work @
This could be your new office!
Just follow the steps shown in this prezi
to get started!
Step 1 : Research
Make sure that you understand the Arise Business Opportunity
in full.
Step 2 : Confirmation
Tell us where you are, and confirm you understand the Arise Business Opportunity
Step 3: Create Your Profile
Tip : Only create a profile if you are seriously considering this opportunity
Step 4 : Admissions IQ
Tip : Start thinking about being your own boss, or joining a small contact centre business already in the Arise network. You have the choice
Tip : Remember this is not employment and Arise are not offering a job
This will register you in the Arise network (just like Facebook or Linkedin), and it is free.
We need to test the quality and clarity of your voice. We want to make sure our Client's Customers can hear and understand you.
Your answers to some questions will be recorded, and those recordings assessed. It will take around 30 minutes, and it is free.
Tip : We use analytics to compare recordings to previous ones, so please make sure the answers are yours
You will be quickly notified of a pass or fail decision
Step 5: Criminal Background Check
Security is critical to the Clients that your business will be servicing.
We use Disclosure Scotland, and your check must be returned as
This is your check to own and Disclosure Scotland will charge you £25. If you have one already, less than 6 months old, we can accept that.
Tip : You will be given a reference number once you submit the check. You will need to record this in your admissions dashboard.
Step 6 : Non-disclosure Agreement
We want to keep some of what we do, and how we do it, between us.
This agreement ensures that you observe this confidentiality
Step 7 : Client Opportunities
Via the Admissions Dashboard, you can review the different Client Opportunities
You can assess types of work, likely hours and the length of the certification class, from which you may progress on to that Client programme
Tip : Client opportunities can change very quickly. If you want to be in the best position to gain a place on a programme, you should progress through the next stages, rather than wait for the right opportunity to come up.
Step 8 : CSP101
This is a self-paced virtual course that will provide you with information about Arise technology and infrastructure
It is important, and you will be required to pass an exam at the end. It should take you 4 to 6 hours to complete, but you will only have 7 days to do so, and you must pass the exam in less than 4 attempts.
The one-off cost will range from £10 to £40, depending on demand for the course.
Tip : Arise is offering you access to Clients Opportunities. We need your business to invest time in ensuring that these opportunities are right for you.
Keep going! You are on the road to being able to work from home with Arise!
Step 9 : Start Up or Join Up
Its time to choose if you are going to start-up your small contact centre business or join an established one already in the Arise network

Tip : Rememebrr Arise does not offer an employment opportunity
Independent Business
Client Service Professional (CSP)
You are your own boss
Your business contracts directly with Arise
The revenues are paid to your company directly
You can hire other Agents in to your business
Someone else is your boss
You contract with an established IB
You earn revenues for your IB and the IB pays you directly
The IB contracts with Arise
Any other elements to your relationship will be governed by the IB
Congratulations! You just became an Independent Business Owner with Arise
You should be feeling on top of the world!
Step 10 : Choose your client
Choose a brand that interests you
Choose a programme with hours that suit your work/life balance
Choose a work type that will match how much your business wants to earn
Choose a certification class that you can attend

Tip : You have to attend every day of the class at the same time each day, and complete all of the modules
If you are working for an IB, you should contact them before choosing a Client for additional details
Step 11: Language Assessment
Many Independent Businesses will express interest in the same Client opportunity you have chosen. The most qualified businesses will be selected.
As part of this process, your answers to some questions will be recorded, and those recordings assessed, and it is free.
Tip : We use analytics to compare recordings to previous ones, so please make sure the answers are yours
It should take around 30 minutes to complete and you will be notified if your company is selected.
You are bound to have questions!
Who are Arise?

What do Arise do?

Huh? I don't get it.

Who are the Clients?

Why do I have to be an Independent Business Owner?

Why do I need to contract as a Limited Company rather than Sole Trader?

What happens if I dont want to be an Independent Business Owner?

How long does it take before I can begin earning?

How long is the Certification?

Do I get paid for Certification?

What do I do next?
Arise has spent the last 18 years building the largest global platform, enabling small home-based businesses to provide customer contact services to a portfolio of amazing clients.

Arise offers the infrastructure, technology and opportunity needed to support your contact centre business.

Arise is changing the way companies think about contact centre services. Arise provides a virtual platform to connect service professionals, like you, running small contact center businesses from their homes to Blue Chip and other large companies that need contact centre services.

Globally, we work with leading resorts, cruise lines, technology companies and communications organisations. In the UK, we deliver services to BT, Sky and Npower, amongst others.

Arise has proven over many years that someone who manages their own business is more resourceful, productive and motivated to succeed, as well as being able to manage themselves which is critical in a Work@Home environment

Arise does not do business with Sole Traders. Arise is very focused on being fully transparent about the business-to-business relationship between itself, the clients and the Limited Companies that use its infrastructure to provide client servicess.

You always have to option of working for one of the small contact centre business that are registered in the Arise network.

It depends. You need to register your company with the Arise network and you (and each of your workers that is going to service on behalf of your company) needs to complete a criminal background check and CSP 101, which could take one or two weeks. And then your agents will need to take a certification course for the particular Client being serviced.

Certification can take one to six weeks depending on the particular client project. This information is made available to you as part of the Opportunity Announcement, which you are able to view prior to making a decision to work on a client opportunity. The cost of the certification course ranges from £40 to £100.

No*. Arise has invested in leading learning platforms, to ensure that your business is fully skilled to deliver excellent service. We need your business to invest in your time, to demonstrate that you are committed to this opportunity. After all, we are offering access to some amazing Clients.
*Some of our longer courses may offer a certification incentive, to recognise the hard work and investment of your business. Those courses may also allow you to take calls during class for which revenues can be earned.

Why not spend the next ten minute in this prezi. It will show you all the steps you need to register your company with the network, and highlight where any time or investment is required.

choose to be your own boss

choose the Client

choose when to service

choose how many hours you service

dictate how much your business earns, based on
Sound too good to be true??
Here are a few of the most common...
And thats it!
Once you have certified,
are in the driving seat
Your company is then contracted to service on your chosen Client programme!
Arise will provide the infrastructure and systems to support your business providing services
And Performance Facilitators will help ensure that your business delivers an amazing experience for the Client's Customers
And you have a whole virtual community, of hundreds of other Independent Businesses, with which to exchange ideas and best practice!
Ready to change the way you work??
Step 11: Certification
We need to transfer lots of knowledge to you, so that your business can learn how to provide great services to your chosen Client
Your chosen course will have a start date, duration and end date
All of the learning we provide is cloud based and will take place in virtual class rooms, or within Arise University
Arise will ask your business to invest in this learning journey, both in time and money
The costs will be detailed for each Client Opportunity, but will typically range from £50 to £100, and from 40hours of learning to 120hours
Longer courses may offer a revenue incentive for successful completion, in recognition of the achievement
Others may allow your business to begin providing services part-way through the course, in order to begin earning revenues
Tip : You must attend every day of the class, and it will be at the same time every day for the duration of the course. This is to ensure that everyone is able to learn at the same pace, and that the course completes on time
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