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Copy of Copy of Copy of Mount Franklin

No description

marketing fundamentals

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Mount Franklin

Drink Positive, Think Positive Mount Franklin Group Assignment Group members: Nicole, Sabrina, Grace, Ted and Sharmi Introduction of the topic: Mount Franklin Mount Franklin AD hi Market Profile Has 17 % of the bottled water market including Pump water

Competitors: More than 1000 brands of bottled water available in Australia

Stage of growth: constant within Growth stage. Topic: Mount Franklin Source: Youtube Customer Segments Competitive Analysis Positioning Strategy Value Proposition The end Marketing Fundamentals Characteristics that consumers of Mount Franklin Water in common and that might be closely related to their purchasing behaviour. Coca-cola Amatil’s brand Mount Franklin is the number-one brand of bottled water in Australia. Demographic • Target Consumer

• Females 25 -39 yrs.

• ‘People that think positively about themselves, their loved ones and their environment.’

(Mount Franklin 2011) Geographic •Mount Franklin operating in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (AFR business case study)
•Mount Franklin as one of CCA’s brand certainly targeted in these countries, and especially for Australian urban people. Psychographic Attitudes

• Health and Fitness

• Government and Social

• Environmental

• Personal

• Shopping and Product

• Food

• Media and Advertising

• Family and Home

• Finance and Holiday Attitudes

(Roy Morgan ‘Mount Franklin Drinker Profile’ 2011) Activities
•Eating out/fast food activities,
•Leisure activities,
•Entertainment activities,
•Sport watched on TV,
•Sports and activities participated in Behavioural • Restaurants

-brand loyalty, reoccurring purchasing Definition: A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and a belief from the customer that the value will be experienced. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats O
s Threats Thank you for listening *Strengths for Mount Franklin bottle water is that it is part of the famous Coca Cola Amatil Company (CCA).


* 17% market share in its respective market.

*Mount Franklin water is renowned for its strong reputation of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

*It's also socially friendly, as they also support a multitude of social and well being programs such as the Breast cancer foundation, supporting Australian sporting teams such as netball and tennis, and also fighting for health causes and diseases.

*Mount Franklin is a retail version of a necessity for survival, so therefore it is a product that will always sell. Could reduce its largely inflated price tag, as bottled water is a 'human' necessity and individuals shouldn't being paying a fortune for it.

Could improve new marketing streams to boost sales, by engaging in E-commerce and also Social media networks such as Facebook and Youtube.

•They could also offer more promotional schemes and loyalty programs to strength sales; for example offering a two plus one promotional scheme.

Instead of operating in a mainstream market for bottled work, it can work sub-industries and could offer a more diversified product range by offering flavoured water and stylish bottles rather than the ‘generic’, boring blue water bottles and plain flavours.

•Since the CCA is very wealthy and has access to lots of finance (Equity: ASX and also Debt streams), it could buy out some of its competitors, as the market is extremely competitive and saturated.

•Product differentiation and strengthening its criticised product image: Increase amounts of health benefits such as by adding vitamins and more minerals, a solution of compensating for its high price tag. •Expensive price tag

•Mount Franklin operates in a largely saturated and competitive environment, meaning profits are very unstable and inconsistent.

•Largely criticized for its overstatement of minerals and vitamins that are stated in its product from Health organisations and the government.

•Mount Franklin is also exposed to sluggish growth in the Australian market as the company has already established its brand image and product, making it hard for it to find huge growth. S(W)OT (S)WOT SW(O)T SW0(T) Mount Franklin Threats Presentation by Nicole Chung •The continual rise of water prices

•Increasing amount of competitive producers who are cost efficient in comparison to Mount Franklin.

•The company is facing lots of legal regulations that are affecting its operations, such as new environmental policies that are affecting its bottle manufacturing and also things such as increased health regulations on the type of minerals and vitamins its water contains.

*Also some states are imposing taxes on the sale of soft drinks and bottled water, which is potentially hurting its profits and competitiveness.

•Downturn and volatile global economy which is bringing sluggish sales, many individuals are substituting more for their tap water or cheaper brands of bottled water. Social expectations Environmental expectations and responsibilities Value proposition for Mount Franklin Offering fresh natural spring water to the public Value proposition of Mount Franklin towards the society Value proposition not only use on charity and customers, the Mount Franklin also use it to the environment, it is social responsibilities. The new 600ml Mount Franklin Easy-Crush Bottle is made with 35% less plastic and has a carbon footprint which is 27% lighter than the previous bottle. Mount franklin have partnership with National Cancer Foundation, it put lots of money on advertising and part of their profits will be given to charity for cancer. - Having the entire population consuming Mount Franklin, and also as well known as possible
- Supporting foundations/ charities, and organisational/ sporting groups that this brand endorses. Could also be to support Australia's economic growth.
- For any of the reasoning's, they support the company's growth
- Affiliation with well-known community groups around the country give it credibility
- A widely consumed product with advertisements using young models and well known celebrities; generally to make the viewers believe that being 'refreshed' keeps you young.
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