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doraemon >3<

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Biography

When did you go to school
When she was 6 years old, she went to Ben Thuy primary school.
The most impotent things form that she learn is
The thing that she thinks the most impotent things that she learns in school is friendship!!!!
Because if we don't have friendship or solidarity we almost can't do anything.You can be alone and there is no one to lean on or share homework. just kidding!
Her goal in her childhood
When she was young she wanted to be a teacher because her dream is to teach all what she knows to her students or children everywhere. Then they will be smarter students!Mission impossible have been complete!!!!
Ps:Her second goal is have a good future.
Top three memories from her childhood
Bothers and sister
Her parents were teachers. They had retired. Her mom is Chat. Her dad is Dao. Her mom is 73 years old and her dad is 83 years old.Her mom make really delicious red bean soap,It's so delicious that i can eat all day
Her name is Lisa Camellia, she likes playing table tennis. She loves to eat pizza. She is a teaching assistant at CIS, However she moved to BCIS. She is years old. She was born in Nghe An province. In her childhood has a lot of precious memories like she played many traditional games with her friends.She haven't giving up and a honest heart. Her childhood is amazing,because she must fight with bully to protect her little brother!That even show she is brave,too.But still same time she is not brave enough to fight back the homework,i mean not brave it's lazy or the math is hard.When that happen she will come to her mom the homework slayer to help her.
She has brothers and sister
Well I am going to tell you about Lisa Camellia as deep as sea as wide as sky! Please listen to my tone clearly!That will activate your knowledge in your beautiful brain.
First, when she was about six years old, she hung out with her friends and her sister.Then she jumped into a hole with lime that she thought it was a sand dune. She had to go home right away!
Secondly, she always sneaked away from her mom at nap time to play table tennis with her friend.
escape time
Finally, her sister and her helped her parents to feed their pigs that time!
Most vivid memory from high school
She got the third prize in the smart student contest.
She traveled to Singapore for training.This training is for Vietnamese teacher improving their teaching methods. There she learned a lot of things. She still loves to visit Singapore again.It would be more fun.
Her parents are her's heroes.Beacuse her parents take care of her every single day and teach her good things she have to learn.
Her heroes
how she meet her husband!?
She went to her friend's house.Then she met him there and got shocked by his handsomeness,''she said''.She saw he is hilariousness and intelligent boy.Then in a while they got marry and leave happily ever after.
She was born 24/December/1976
Do you have any connection in this presentation?
Her talent and where she like to go
Her talent is she can play a guitar and play table tennis without learning from teachers.Now she start to learn guitar to get better at it.
If she can go to any where she want to go to Australia because she want to visit her friends at there.
Lisa camelia
If she is an animal,she will be a...
If she were an animal, she would be a dolphin because she want to see how beautiful the marine life is.
If she won the lottery...
If she won the lottery ,she would go th Australia and Canada because she want to see by her own eyes a kangaroo in Australia and she wants to see her friends in Canada and she wants to play with SNOW!
Her pet
She have a at as a pet named Sukiboy.
Sukiboy is the adorable.She is black with white spot.She all ways lick your toes, it make you ticklish.She have green beauty eyes.She is our family cute ties member not my sister any more!She always make me happy when she is around.
Thanks you for listening and all of those laughing and have a Nice day at CIS !
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