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Goss v. Lopez

No description

Sam Wyss

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Goss v. Lopez

Plantiff History of Case Defendant Columbus Board of Education Dwight Lopez What is Due Process? Part of the 14th Amendment that was adopted July 9th 1869 as part of Reconstruction 9 Columbus Public School students suspended
Suspended for 10 days
Were not given a hearing Students must be given a
hearing before disciplinary
action goes into place. Right
given in 14th Amendment
as due process Goss v Lopez 9 Students sue Board of Education
for not having a hearing before suspension To the Supreme Court we go Court Ruled in Favor of Students Student's right to due process was ignored.
Court ruled in 5-4 decision Impact All students must be
given a hearing before
being suspended,
regardless of issue. If
student is immediate
threat, the principal has
the right to remove the
student from the school Education Now Education in the Future Me as a Teacher Students Impact I will have to report misconduct to Principal
Understand student's rights before discipline action Student's will be defensive about their rights
Teacher's can't be so quick to act Student's are defensive
Teacher's need to be cautious

Parent's have the right to question authority to a degree
Student's know their rights
Administration needs to think thoroughly before action Goss v Lopez
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