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Lluís Coma

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of GPM PV+ and SCADA DEMO

2. Features & Benefits 1. SYSTEM OVERVIEW DEMO SCHEDULE 4. Modules Overview GPM PV+ & SCADA 1. System Overview

2. Features & Benefits

3. Modules Overview
Unlimited users simultaneously monitor the information.
Unlimited users simultaneously interact with the system.
Modifications from all users are stored to be instantaneously brought to all users. How? What are GPM-PV+ & SCADA? When? Where? Multi-User Software
No matter where PV plants come from.
No matter which kind of PV plants are them. Central Software
The system is totally adaptable to any type of PV plant.
Easy and fast integration of any PV plant in a full basis.
Customization of Layouts, Parameters and Alarms for each plant. Customizable Software
You decide which plants are available per user.
You decide which modules are available per user.
Different customizable user roles. Scalable Software Example:
Admin User able to modify the entire configuration.
O&M User able to modify alarms and custom parameters.
Guest User able to inquire data but not allowed to see the alerts management module.
This system is built in continuous improvement to meet our customers' expectations.
Customization of DashBoards totally focused on each customer.
Customization of any kind of report totally focused on each customer. Strongly Customer Focused
Asset Management thanks to Customizable Dashboards and reports.
Operation & Maintenance Management thanks to an Alert Management Module with integrated ticketing system.
Monitoring & Control allowing to draw graphs and export data. PV Management Software DATA DIRECTLY COLLECTED ON PLANT CONTROL ROOM MOBILE DEVICES GPM PV+ SERVER Data coming from devices is stored each 5 minutes from the overall portfolio and each second on the local SCADA Server.

Data from devices is acquired 24h per day (or at set time intervals)

The systems are available any time: our servers have 99.99% of availability

The systems evaluate alarms and calculate customized parameters 24h per day You are able to accede everywhere you are

You can log in to the systems from any computer with no high connection requirements (3G broadband is enough)

The application is running on the server, thus you do not depend on computer capabilities and you do not need to install any software (executing the .RDP is enough) Features & Benefits Data Calculations Data Storage Data Viewer & Chart Viewer Preventive Maintenance Management Alerts Management Module Dashboards & Reports Features Be able to build Portfolio Reports & Dashboards.

Be able to instantaneously analyse data not available directly from devices.

Be able to evaluate complex alarms from any instantaneous or daily calculation.

Integrate instantaneous and daily customised calculations throughout the whole system. Benefits Data is stored on the database since the acquisition of data begins.

Data is replicated on 2 servers more.

The system calculates every night daily, monthly and yearly values for the full parameters and stores it on the database. Features Be able to analyse historical data whenever we want.

Never have a loss of data

Be able to assess quickly and easily historical daily, monthly and yearly data Benefits DATA VIEWER:
Inquire Selected Data from such module or from any module when browsing through the system.
Assess any portfolio's parameters with any granularity we need (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).
Export data to an Excel file.
Save favorite inquires.

Draw Charts selecting parameters from such module or from any module when browsing through the system.
Save favorite charts.
Draw scatter-plots between any portfolio's parameters.
Draw histograms from any portfolio's parameters. Features Be able to externally operate with data or charts acquired through the system (Excel, Access, etc.).

Be able to quickly and easily assess favorite queries or charts.

Be able to easily compare performance from different devices' brands and models. Benefits Customise any alarm from any parameter integrated within the system (Stop, Communication,Warning).

Monitor alerts launched from the entire Portfolio.

Receive email alerts when an alert is launched.

Assign corrective tasks to maintenance operators.

Enter tickets with detailed information about the incidence and corrective actions done. Features Analyse corrective actions' response times.

Assess and improve Operation & Maintenance performance of the entire portfolio.

Make a comparative analysis between devices' brands and models.

Build reports about O&M performance. Benefits Define different kind of parameters through the following calculation methods:

Calculated instantaneously

Calculated daily
Availability Integrate the detailed Preventive Maintenance Plan within the system.

Receive email alerts when a preventive task should be done.

Check which tasks are planned for the current month (or whenever) on an integrated calendar.

Enter tickets with detailed information about preventive actions (Status, tasks done, tasks pending, etc.).

Export to an excel file the preventive plan. Features Analyse preventive actions' response times.

Assess and improve preventive plan's performance of the entire portfolio.

Make a comparative analysis between devices' brands and models.

Build reports about O&M performance. Benefits Build strongly customer focused Performance reports

Build strongly customer focused Financial Reports that make comparative analysis between real and expected outputs.

Build strongly customer focused O&M reports

Schedule reports to be done and receive them by email (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.) Features Monitor and evaluate Portfolio's performance through intuitive and customised Dashboards & Reports.

Check quickly and easily the status of the entire portfolio.

Evaluate the performance of the entire portfolio from a general perspective to a detailed perspective. Benefits PV+ and PV Scada centralize the entire Portfolio's information. Map Layout Alerts Management Module Device Tree Customised Elements and Parameters Alarms' Configuration Features Plants are positioned on map

You have an overview of the status of your portfolio (Integrated alerts launched).

You can switch from the map to the layout clicking on the plant Features First Layer:
We integrate the plant's map.
We customise general parameters such as Total Energy, Total Power, Irradiation's average, etc.
We have an overview of the plant's status (Integrated alerts launched).

Second Layer:
We integrate the inverter's zone with important values such as power, energy, etc.
We can quickly and fastly see which inverter is in alert status. Features Overview of the portfolio's status (Integrated Alerts launched).

All devices and parameters monitored for the whole portfolio.

Hierarchic relationship between devices on plant.

Accede to the element viewer Features BUDGET:
Integration of the expected energies for the plant.
Centralization of all weather parameters such as Pyranometer's irradiation, Irradiation's average, etc.
Centralization of all Performance parameters such as Inverter's PR, Meter's PR, Total PR, etc.
Centralization of all the aggregated data such as Total Inverters Energy, Total Meters Energy, etc. Features STEP 1: Define the production hierarchy of the plant.
STEP 2: Definition of alarms' templates.
Datalogger Communication: Highest level, without data no other alarms can be assessed.
Device Communication: If a device has no communication no other alerts can be evaluated for him.
Device production=0: If a device has stopped its production, all device below him will be stopped as well. Thus this alarm needs to be hierarchical.
Device warning: This alarm is the less critical, thus it has the lowest level without hierarchy.
STEP 3: Definition of alarms
Here you need to select a template for each alarm and define the following settings:
Activation's condition (AC).
Time with AC=True to launch the alarm.
Reactivation time: time to resend an email when an alert is still launched.
Senders to advise via email. Features Inquire current activated alerts.
Assess historical alerts.
Filter by plant, date, elements, alert type, etc.
Enter detailed tickets about maintenance tasks.
Evaluate conditions, times and losses.
Export historical alerts. GPM SCADA SERVER PV SCADA CONTROL ROOM PV+ & SCADA Differences Centralise information of the entire Portfolio
Monitor, evaluate and analyse data each 5 minutes
It is designed to manage more than one PV plant Integrates an Electrical SCADA allowing to analyse the electrical production of the whole plant quick and easy
Allows to remotely interact with devices on plant
Monitor, evaluate and analyse data each second PV+ PV SCADA
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