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Notes From the Midnight Driver

No description

Rebecca Perez

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Notes From the Midnight Driver

Notes From the Midnight Driver
by Jordan Sonnenblick Is a selfish greedy and irresponsible 16 year old boy that has to do a hundred hours of community services after getting drunk and crashing his mother's car Laurie is a driven 16 year old girl who basically does whatever she wants and gets away with it. She is extremely into martial arts and can scare anybody. Sol is an elderly man who
tells it like it is. He pushes Alex to be a better person
and also constantly calls Laurie Alex's wife Solomon Lewis (Sol) After driving drunk and crashing into a very expensive lawn gnome Alex has to work in a nursing home in order to pay off his debts. During this whole experience Alex makes friends with a very kind ( a little standoffish) old man named Solomon Lewis; who teaches him lessons about life and how to be a better person. Sol helps Alex in many ways including but not limited to how to properly treat your "wife" and how to be an amazing jazz guitarist. Alex brings his guitar to the nursing home one day
after jazz band. Sol really likes it when Alex plays for
him. In hopes of reducing his sentence Alex plans a
benefit concert with two other kids from the jazz band.
During the concert Sol reveals to Alex what his profession
was before he ended up in a nursing home. Have you done something stupid? Alex did and now he has to face the CONSEQUENCES Alex Gregory Laurie shhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! don't tell anybody but Alex and Laurie end up together The Gregory's
(Alex's parents) Alex's parents are recently divorced. Both of them love Alex very much and are doing there best to handle their situation. Both of them have to deal with dating and new relationships. It puts a strain on everybody when Mr. Gregory considers moving to Philadelphia They end up together too. I know it's cheesy deal with it. They end up together too. I know it's cheesy, deal with it. Alex starts taking guitar lessons
from Sol while he and the
Cha-KINGS plan another concert
(well it was Sol's idea) Alex is asked by another girl to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Laurie is really jealous but she is to proud to let Alex see. During the dance Sol becomes very ill and both of them ditch their dates to go see him. Sol gets better and the next concert goes without a hitch. Sol's estranged daughter even show up. She was unknowingly invited by Alex. Alex and Laurie start seeing each other as more than friends and everything seem to going fine until Sol becomes horrible ill. If you want to know what happens read the book!!!! During this entire story Alex's parents learn to love each other again and Laurie has to deal with some personal problems. Throughout this entire story faces the conflict of learning how to become a better person and handling a cranky old man In the end Alex learns a couple life lessons: Helping others can bring people together and easily makes every one happy Something good can come from something bad and In my opinion even though
this book would generally be
classified as a boy book I found it
very enjoyable. It is an easy and simple read with a range of emotions. The author is very good at capturing teenage emotions without being overly ridiculous. I would definitely recommend this book to everybody no matter what age To begin my report I would like to start with the song that closes up the book. The Cha-KINGS The Cha-KINGS are an extremely musically talented couple, named Annette and Steven, who help Alex put together benefit concerts. He also learned not to drive drunk
but that goes without saying
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