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Inside Out Movie Assignment

No description

Matt G

on 9 March 2017

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Transcript of Inside Out Movie Assignment

Choose a Virtue Discussed and Describe How These Relate To a Specific Core Memory You Have. How Did You Feel When You Were Portraying This Virtue?
Describe a Connection You Have To The Character Riley. What Do You Notice About Her Emotions And Reasoning As She Grows Up?

I found when watching the movie Inside Out that I could relate to the character Riley a fair bit. Of course I could relate to her through her deep love for the game of hockey. It just helped me put myself in her shoes and better understand the text. As well, when Riley was growing up and as they moved houses, she began to become very emotional and frustrated with her parents and old friends from back home. I can relate to this as sometimes my emotions can get the best of me and I become someone you would not want to be around. I become very neglecting towards my parents and become very angry, putting aside my joyfulness. I think it is very important to stay joyful at all times so people are happy to be around you and you don't upset them with your anger. Eventhouggh emotions can not be controlled, we can control how they come about and how to react in certain situations.
Which Two of Your Emotions Work Together The Most?
The two of my emotions that work together the most are joy and sadness. This is because my emotions mainly consist of these two. As much as I do feel angry sometimes or feared or disgusted, they don't play as big of a role as joy and sadness do. Whenever I feel sad or down, I think of joyful memories and that brings me up and makes me feel a lot better. For example, at the end of the summer break, the end of Christmas break or even the end of the weekend, I always feel sad that it is time to go back to school and all my self-esteem goes down. Then I think of all the joyful things to look forward too, like upcoming events, seeing my friends at school, upcoming holidays and more. It makes me feel happy and better about going to school. I truly do beleive that joy and sadness work together the most for me and for many others like Riley from Inside Out.
How Do Specific Emotions Affect Your Reasoning and The Ability To Act Freely?

Many emotions do affect my reasoning and ability to act freely. Some of these emotions include disgust, anger, fear and sadness. When I am digusted by something, I tend to get very cautious and I am not myself. For example, when I am in a public washroom or in an area I am not framiliar with, I become very cautious of my surrondings and it restricts me from acting freely. When I am angry, I become very unfocused and only focused on the thing I am angry about. I block out everything around me and i am probably someone you wouldn't want to be around as I can be very temprementle. When I am scared or in fear of something I become very cautious of everything around and easily frightened. This usually happens when I watch a scary movie and then I ensure I check under my bed, closet and more. Finally, When I am sad or down, I am not myself and become very quiet and shy forbitting me to act freely.
What Emotion Do You Think Drives You The Most Often?

The emotion that drives me the most is joy. Joy drives me the most because when ever I am filled with joy I feel motivated to drive forward and work towards my goals! When ever I am joyful I think I am a better person and someone you want to be around. This opposed to being angry, disgusted, scared or sad all the time. Whenever I am joyful I feel full of energy. For example, whenever I am playing hockey, I am always happy and enjoying the game therefore benefiting my overall game. I think in the movie Inside Out, the emotion Joy drives the girl Riley more so in her early childhood.
Inside Out Movie Assignment
How Do Your Emotions Impact you Learning? Does it Impact The way You Will React to a Similar Situation Again?

Emotions do impact my learning. I think it is obvious to assume that I work very well in a joyful enviornment as many others probably do as well. It makes it difficult to learn when I am sad, angry, feared or disgusted by something. For example, when I do my tests or homework at school, it is important for me to stay happy and joyful as it better benefits my learning and allows to excel in the given subject . It does very well impact the same way I would react in a similar situation. This is because if I tend to excel when I am joyful in my learning, then it makes sense for me to continue to do so. As they say
"If it isn't broken, why fix it"
Choose 3 Core Memories That Shaped Your Character/Personality The Most. What Emotions Were These Memories Tied To?

In conclusion I had a great time watching the movie Inside Out and discussing the many emotions we have and how they are relevant almost every day in our life. I hope that everyone realizes not everything has to be joyful and that emotions like sadness play a big part in life and shape us to who we are today. I really enjoyed reflecting on this important movie and I hope everyone took as much away from it as I did.
I have many memories that shaped me to the person I am today. Although, I do have three more in particular ones that made me the person I am. One of which is a serious car crash I was involved in roughly six years ago.

In the car crash, me and my family were heading up to my grandparents house in Sue St. Marie. We were on the highway and a elderly lady fell asleep on the wheel and hit another car which hit our car which flipped multiple times in the air until landing on all four wheels. This was a very scary moment in my life. I think it really had a big impact on my life and shaped me to the person I am today. Emotions that tied to this memory was definitely fear and a little bit of sadness. I was scared and sad because I or my family members could have died and I couldn't imagine life without anyone of them. It really made me appreciate all I have because at any second it could all be gone.

Another core memory of my life as when I got my dog, Guinness. He has had such a big impact on my life. He is always so happy all the time and the joy is contagious to the people around him. I will never forget the day we picked him up from the litter and how cute he was and how happy my family and I were. We always play with him and our joyful doing so. He gives us unconditional love. Emotions involved in this core memory is obviously joy. I was full of joy when we got him and couldn't wait for our journey to begin!

The last core memory in my life that has really shaped me to the person I am today is when I became a rep hockey player. As a rep hockey player, you learn what it takes to be commited and you learn many responsibilities. I have had many joyful memories playing rep hockey. Also, my dad has been one of the coaches every year and I think it is great because we get to spend tons of time together and we get to bond over the game together. I love playing hockey and it has truly made me the person I am today.

A virtue discussed in the theme we have been doing in fully alive that I can relate to a core memory I have is fortitude. This virtue was used in the core memory when I was in a car crash. It was important for me to use this inperticular virtue because I needed to be strong about the scenario as my family and I were very scared and worried. I needed to have courage and bravery. I felt very mature when portraying this virtue as it was important to do the grown up thing which was not to be scared but to keep going as things like this we have to put behind us. The longer we hold on to these memories, the more feared we become and the important thing is to be strong and put it behind you so you are able to move forward in life.
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