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Young's :Prelude: The Barbershop

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Gayzeljoy Alonzo

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Young's :Prelude: The Barbershop

In Young's "Prelude: The Barbershop, he informs the readers that he is confused when it comes to where he belongs.
Prediction :
by Vershawn Ashanti Young
Young's Prelude: The Barbershop
Authors Claims
In Young's Introduction, "Prelude: The Barbershop" (2007) he claims that he doesn't fit in with his race or where he works. The author states that he doesn't know where he really belongs by observing his towns barbershop and at the University where he is a professor. Young's purpose is to inform in order to make the readers have a better understanding of himself and his book. Young establishes a confused tone for a sophisticated audience and for the African American community.
Main Idea:
Young argues that he doesn't truly fit in, whether it is in his work place or his communities Barbershop.
-African American community
-Sophisticated people

Young has a PhD of African American Studies and English at the University of Illinois, Young is also an author.
Young argues that he doesn't know here he truly fits in, because he is highly educated and does not fit the criteria of a "black man" and he is "black in a white school.
"Alex Kotlowitz writes about his journalistic ethnography, There Are No Children Here" (P 14)
"Black comprises 25 percent of the states prison population" (P 2)

"Their feet were adorned with the latest two-hundred dollar sneakers.."(P 1)

http://www.eurweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/barbershop_castphoto. jpg
I predict that this story is about a man who gets judged in the Barbershop.
Rhetorical Triangle
Claim 1:
Paragraph 1: His walk
1. "The men I observed walked with that lank dip I wish I could perfect..." (Paragraph 1)
Claim 2:
Paragraph 2: To smart to be "black"
2. "Thus in addition...I felt a conflicting fusion of fortune...because my language and demeanor ofter mark me educated, separating me from...black male profile." (paragraph 2)
Claim 3:
Paragraph 3: Masculine
3. "As a result I am hyperaware of how masculine I am (not) and how black i (don't) act.
-provide background info:
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