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HPC Strategy Development

No description

Andrew Rowlands

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of HPC Strategy Development

More Events that Provide Training, Promote Issues and Celebrate Achievement Activities HPC Brainstorm & Board Development Charm Bracelet Healthy Living/ Activity based fundraisers Facebook
- Creating a facebook page will allow easier connection to some members but may impact on the HPC network resource? No. of potential routes 1. Speak to local jewelry makers about making a special edition piece of jewelry we help sell and take a share of profits? 2. Find funding or partners to host a jewelry making course as a way to improve mental health and well being, 3. Look to partner with members to all develop charms, invest some money to make it happen and share profits All options have a range of pros and cons associated with them All will need relationship development with retail outlets to sell them. An annual health award evening could celebrate volunteers and innovative practices whilst also increasing our value and getting people together to network. Combined with a family treasure hunt in Halifax, around Point Pleasant Park to get families working together using their bodies and their brains Turning Strategic Priorities into a Plan Increasing Value of Service Increasing Brand Awareness and Traffic Set an example in promoting healthy living Provide specifically tailored information by different areas of health or member needs Bring People Together Facilitate action and discussion Diversify Revenue Stream Help Members Raise Awareness on Issues Help Members Raise Funds Facilitate Health Discussion Forums and Action Groups Conferences Celebrate Achievement Award Ceremonies Analysis: Service Users -Questionnaire Enhancing the Knowledge Exchange System Another survey to answer some of these? What Health Issues are you prioritizing this year and is there a specific time of year you will be promoting them Promotion Related
Competitions Promoting Member Success Stories- RBA Score Cards Workshops to Develop Useful Skills Purpose of Today - Feedback Data
- Brainstorm
- Develop a marketing strategy
- Introduction to me and my Ideas More Proactive Levels of Involvement Questionnaire fatigue - experiences of this? Add value to members association with our brand Combine fundraising with Health Promotion Where else to people get health info or data from. What makes us different and better than them and what do they do better than us? Selling Advertising Space Sharing Personal Profiles and Interest Areas Getting more people to website and e-bulletin Direct: Health Nexus
Community Health Boards
Indirect: Newspapers
Health Boards
Government Sites
Academic Sites
Job Sites January Alzheimer awareness month Jan 15-21 National non-smoking week Jan 18 Weedless Wednesday Jan 27 Family Literacy Day February Heart month
Psychology month Feb 5-11 Eating Disorder Awareness Week
White cane week Feb 4 World Cancer Day
Feb 6 International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day March Monthly themes:
Help Fight Liver Disease
Juvenile Arthritis Awareness
National Colorectal Cancer Awareness
National Kidney Month
National Nutrition Month
National Social Work Month
Red Cross Month March 4-10 Pharmacist Awareness Week
March 11-17 Agricultural Safety Week
World Glaucoma Week
March 12-18 Brain Awareness Week
March 18-24 Poision Prevention Week
March 8 International Women's Day
March 22 World Water Day
March 24 World Tuberculosis Day
March 26 Purple Day - Epilepsy Awareness April Monthly Themes:
Daffodil Days: Cancer Awareness
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness
Oral Health Month
Parkinson's Awareness Month April 8-14 National Dental Hygienists Week
April 21-28 National Immunization Awareness
April 22-28 Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness
April 2 World Autism Awareness Day
April 7 World Health Day
April 17 World Hemophilia Day
April 22 Earth Day
April 25 World Malaria Day
April 28 National Workplace Injury Remembrance Day May Monthly Themes:
Celiac Awareness
Cystic Fibrosis Month
Food Allergy Awareness
Foot Health Awareness
Hepatitis Awareness
Huntington's Disease Awareness
MedicAlert Month
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness
National Physiotherapy Month
Speech and Hearing Awareness Month May 1-7 Nat. Summer Safety Week
May 6-12 Emergency Preparedness Week
Nat. Hospice Palliative Care Week
N. Am. Occupational Safety and Health
May 7-13 Nat. Mental Health Week
Nat. Nursing Week
May 22-25 Nat. Aboriginal Awareness Week
May 28-Jun 1 Spineweek
May 1 World Asthma Day
May 5 Save Lives: Clean Your Hands Day
May 6 Annualy Hike for Hospice Palliative Care
May 8 World Red Cross Day
May 12 International Nursing Day
May 12 Canada Health Day
May 17 International Day against Homophobia
May 20 World Autoimmune Arthritis Day
May 28 National Mulptiple Births Awareness Day
May 31 World No-Tobacco Day Both CPM and PPC tend to work through an advertising company such as Google AdSense where they find the advertisers but they take half of the revenue. However there is also the potential to sell banner space ourselves or offer sponsorship of the e-bulletin to companies. Increasing Our Page Rank

It is also important to advertisers to keep increasing the page rank (PR) of our website in search results. This is affected by the number of people searching for us, the amount of new content we create and the number of hyperlinks to our site from respected sources. The more unique content we can produce, the more likely people are to link to us. June Monthly Themes:
ALS Awareness (Lou Gehrig's disease)
Recreation and Parks Month
Relay for Life
Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness
Stroke Awareness June 3-9 Canadian Environment Week
June 4-10 National Sun Awareness Week
June 3 National Cancer Survivors Day
June 5 World Environment Day
June 6 Clean Air Day
June 12 National Memory Screening Day
June 14 World Blood Donor Day
June 21 National Aboriginal Day
June 26 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking July July 11 World Population Day
July 28 World Hepatitis Day August August 1-7 World Breastfeeding Week
August 19 World Humanitarian Day September Monthly themes:
Breakfast for Learning
Childhood Cancer Awareness
Men's Cancer Health Awareness
National Arthritis Month
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Themed campaign also increase the potential for Interaction campaigns using social media like Twitter around nominating heroes in different areas/ sharing stories? In our discussion areas? Or nominating additional topics to promote. Sep 15-23 Aids Walk for Life
Sep 9 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day
Sep 10 World Suicide Prevention Day
Sep 16 Terry Fox Run
Sep 21 World Alzheimer's Day
Sep 27 Terry Fox National School Run Day
Sep 28 World Rabies Day
Sep 29 World Heart Day October Monthly themes:
Autism Awareness
Brain Tumour Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness
Eye Health Month
Healthy Workplace Month
International Walk to School Month
Learning Disabilities Month
Lupus Awareness Month
National Occupational Therapy Month
Psoriasis Awareness Month
SIDS Awareness Month (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
The Flu Shot: Influenza Immunization Month October (cont.) Weekly events:
Sep 30-Oct 6 Mental Illness Awareness Week
National Breastfeeding Week
Oct 7-13 Fire Prevention Week
Oct 14-21 ADHD Awareness Week
Oct 15-19 National Infection Control Week
Oct 17-23 National School Safety Week
Oct 14-20 National Veterinary Technician Week
Oct 29-Nov 4 Canadian Intensive Care Week
Daily Events
Oct 1 National Seniors Day
Oct 10 World Mental Health Day
Oct 13 World Sight Day
Oct 16 World Food Day
Oct 22 Int. Stuttering Awareness Day November Monthly themes:
Amaryllis Month (Huntington Society)
Crohn's and Colitis Awareness
Cardipulmonary Resucitation (C.P.R.) Awareness
Diabetes Month
Lung Cancer Awareness
Movember Canada: Prostate Cancer Awareness
Osteoporosis Month
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness November (cont.) Weekly Events:
Oct 29-Nov 2 Canadian Patient Safety Week
Nov 6-12 National Pain Awareness Week
National Seniors Safety Week
Nov 19-25 National Addictions Awareness Week
Nov 24-30 National Home Fire Safety Week
Daily Events:
Nov 12 World Pneumonia Day
Nov 14 World Diabetes Day
Nov 16 World COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Day
Nov 20 National Child Day
Nov 25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women December Monthly themes:
The Lung Association's Christmas Seal CampaignD
Daily Events:
Dec 1 World AIDS Day
Dec 3 Int. Day of Disabled Persons
Dec 6 National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Woman in Canada
Dec 10 Human Rights Day Health Canada Calender of Promotion Days Advertising Revenues Could lead to competitions and tie into events such as:
- Health Volunteer Awards;
- Best Awareness Raising Video;
- Story tellers- living with illnesses.

We could look to get sponsors for events or competitions and these could range from health providers to someone like the NSCC offering places on film or photography courses.

Results would also give us original content for our website and increase traffic, which has important implications. Today is mental health awareness day! Find out whats happening in Nova Scotia #mentalhealth. www.hpclearinghouse.ca/mentalhealth awareness 10 Easy steps to improve your mental health Money problems can affect your health. Read our guide sponsored by .... Tweets/ Facebook Posts Directs Traffic to Our Website Sends people to Info Pages on subjects containing a basic explanation and further links to:
- Get more information on the subject
- Find help if you are suffering
- Help others who are suffering through volunteering or donating
-Find out about local events going on Increases traffic to our site, helping increase our page rank and impression numbers and so increasing potential AD revenue and value t other organizations through increasing traffic to their sites Directs Traffic to members /Partners / Sponsors Sites - Increases our value to member organizations
- Increase revenue generation potential Using Social Media to Increase Traffic Tying it into our own events- give your brain and your body a workout at the HPC Awesome Race 2013 Nominate someone who has made a real difference in helping improve people's health... Competition: best motivational tweet wins .... from local shop .... We need a slogan/ strapline for the Organization to increase understanding Your source for health information Developing healthy people, healthy communities Our brand name is not ideal for explaining to people what we do. Your health promotion resource tool Supporting and helping health organizations An essential health promotion resource The source for health information Support and information for health promotion Health Resources and Support Overview of Key Strategic Priorities
- Improve understanding of brand
- Diversify revenue streams
- Increase brand awareness (and site traffic)
-Increase value of service Health Nexus uses: Your health promotion specialist Promoting health is our business Fostering health people, healthy communities Health Nexus: Our Services

Health Nexus offers consultations, referrals, opportunities for networking, educational events like workshops & conferences, and resources (both electronic and print), on health promotion priorities such as inclusion, early childhood development and chronic disease prevention.
In 2007, Health Nexus offered consultations, trainings, knowledge exchange and referrals to clients based in 83 cities and towns across Ontario. We are potentially competing not just for funding but also for web traffic. So Why should people come to our site instead of Health Nexus or some other source?
- Local information?
- Better website and easier to find information?
- Better quality information?
- Original content not available elsewhere?
- Guest writers: articles from health experts on what they see as important trends? Supporting Nova Scotia’s health promoters to foster healthy people and healthy communities. - 95% lived in Nova Scotia
- Users operated in a wide range of health related areas, the highest represented being mental health & addictions but social issues and public and general health areas were also well represented. From survey filtered to only include those who worked or volunteered in Health Promotion in N.S. Health for all Profile of our service users: Social Media also allows us to have conversations with members and the public bringing down barriers, refining needs and providing a lot of useful feedback Overall the vast majority of responses were positive with people happy with the service we provide and especially fond of the e-bulletin. Some notable responses and recurring themes though included:

- The most complaints were that the website was hard to navigate and find/ sift information. Recommendations included making information searchable/ better organized by subject and topic

- There were a few similar complaints about the e-bulletin, that there was too much information in it and it would benefit from being organized by topic

Other recommendations included:
- Better explanation of some acronyms
- Link events pages to other similar ones that may be of interest
- Provide local resource tools such as how to find support for an illness
- Do more to allow health promoters to share their findings. For example through a grey literature database
- More networking and promotion needed
- Add an aging category to the HPC resources lists
- Specific training workshops on topics such as professional development and health issue determination.
- HPC Network tool not meeting the need of groups, needs to be intuitive and easy to navigate.
- You need to communicate your role more clearly and take a larger role to increase awareness of Health Promotion- grow beyond the 'clearing house mandate' What are the needs of these groups-
Why are they looking for information? Why do the different groups use us?
-Learn what else is going on
- Share best practice
- Help them do their job better
- Help them make better decisions
- Ensure their efforts have a greater impact
- Find jobs Analysis: Understanding Ourselves and the Marketplace SWOT Analysis Health Authority
Employees Non-profit employees and volunteers Government Employees Others? We are providing the information to allow them to do some of these things but we could increase our value substantially by fully understanding their needs and ensuring that they are met. Pestle Not expert but believe that keywords can be added to posts fairly easily to as well as a search box to find articles under each keyword and links could even be put up to each keyword. Otherwise we could add areas for info on more specific topics. Again if we want to address this think it is fairly easy to rectify through altering layout and using hyperlinks. There is also the option of using software such as Adobe InDesign to make it look more like a glossy electronic magazine that is iPad friendly, with its own search function and even imbed videos into it if we ever wanted to really stand out, but it would require significantly greater resource input. Stage 2 Planning -
Developing a marketing strategy How we can start addressing the issues? Flip the bad bits - work to turn our weakness areas into strengths and threats into opportunities i.e. Turn the weakness of having only one funder into an area of strength by developing a balanced portfolio and developing other revenue streams/ funders Analysis: Competitors Increasing Brand Awareness and Traffic Potential Impact Ease of Implementing Diversify Revenue Streams Enhance Knowledge Exchange System Increase Value of our Service Social Media can act as a facilitating tool and communication tool to promote all these Award Ceremonies Annual Awesome Race E-bulletins What actions would achieve these goals How Could these be Turned into Something Tangible Member Rewards Program Developing products to sell e-bulletins Health Related
Fundraising Events Creating our Own Original Health Content Guest Bloggers and
health info hubs Our Goals Workshops Developing our own products Facilitating HealthForums Member Profiles Original Content Member Reward Program Conferences Health Promotion Competitions Increasing skills Online Advertising Revenues could potentially become a growing source of income for us There are a number of ways we could generate income from our site and newsletter including:

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Cost per Mille (CPM)
Selling Banner Space Directly PPC works where advertisers pay us every time someone clicks through a link from our site. Different companies offer differing returns from a couple of cents to a couple of dollars per click. CPM refers to the cost per 1000 views. The amount of people looking at your website is tracked and you can get anywhere from $0.10 to $10.00 for every 1000 views. We have a unique advantage in that we have access to a very specific health market that some companies may be very interested in reaching and the e-bulletin goes out to around 2000 people twice a month.

However, for any of these advertising methods to become consistent and reliable revenue streams we are going to have to do a fair bit of work at increasing the traffic to the website and readership of the e-bulletin. Ideally we need 1000+ unique visitors every day, currently the number is under 100 with around 5000 visitors per month. In this respect the e-bulletin actually hinders us as many people bypass our site and just follow the e-bulletin links. However there are some things we could do that would start increasing the flow and traffic to our site and increase appeal to advertisers. Create our Own Original Content

If we could create useful content that is only found on our site we will be able to grow traffic substantially. One potential way to do this would be if we could find respected health professionals that would be willing to write articles or maybe a monthly column on different health related subjects. Articles on things such as future health trends, success stories and useful tools would have an international appeal and increase brand recognition and respect. Route Links Through Our Website

One way this could be done is by creating pages on different health subjects and themes where people can find basic information on the subject but then also links to find more indepth info and links to support organizations etc. The information could be promoted through the e-bulletin and the themes social media campaigns and should help boost traffic. Understanding of our Brand Fostering healthy people and communities Fostering healthy people and healthy communities Nova Scotia’s health promotion resource system Further Analysis Andrew Developing a Marketing Plan Findings Showed: In terms of employment role:
- The largest percentage were Health Practitioners
- Second largest were community volunteers/ leaders
Smaller numbers work in areas such as:
-Policy makers
- Researcher
- Students and academics
- Consultants The organizations that they were employed by were mainly
- District Health Authority -25%
- Health non- Profits (both funded and non funded) -25%
- Government Department or Agency -17%
Other sectors such as private businesses, universities and research centers made up a much smaller proportion of respondents Most of the respondents were members or service users. Interestingly a high number did not know what their relationship was to us and some did not know what the difference between being a member a just signing up for the e-newsletter were. Implications and Questions? Does the breakdown of respondents reflect the numbers of people working in these sectors- i.e. are the majority of people working on health issues from the Health Authority, non-profits and government? Are mental health, addictions, social issues and public health the biggest issues for N.S.? If so are we putting out useful information for dealing with them. If not, what are? -Is there anyone else who might find our service useful? i.e. general public with interest in health matters?- Or is that mission drift Does a high number of government employees that use us mean that there are not many people with resources to pay for membership? In terms of social media are government employees allowed access to tools such as Twitter and Facebook? Feedback on Improvements HPC Health Awards More conferences on key areas will also bring people together, increase our prominence and help facilitate information sharing Developing Products that we can sell to raise funds Concept: Taking awareness bracelets to the next level These sell in America for $20 The HPC - Awesome Race A fundraising charity treasure hunt were teams solve clues and race to win money for their chosen charity In groups come up with as many as you can in 10 mins! Rating the Different Ideas Main Users? Tailored E-bulletins -Established service and well known and respected in many networks.
- Great connections to the health community in Nova Scotia. - Heavily dependent on one income source.
- Brand is not easy to understand
- Value of current service has potential to wane. Threats - Health is a key government priority and with other funders.
- Numerous ways we could improve the service we offer and become leaders again.
- Health Canada provides guidance on themes of Health through the year Opportunities - HPC network has become out of date as a networking tool.
- Health is such a broad subject and if people are looking for specific areas we may provide them with information overload.
- At present more members just means more work, not more income. Weaknesses Strengths - Government Funding Cuts Starting to happen.
- Health promotion key priority area. Political Economic Social Technological Legal Environmental - Lot of free ways available to share information.
- Lots of ways to generate money using technology. - Generally Budgets are stretched and funding opportunities are decreasing, increasing competition for money. - Opportunities for face to face interactions are in decline.
- Fundraising activities that combine exercise are popular.
- Nova Scotia has good levels of community participation. - Need to incorporate sustainability into program design. - Implications of increasing health care costs. Questions? Developing a Themed Campaign From a marketing point of view it helps to have a range of themes throughout the year in order to define and tie in actions with a message. It also helps to link to potential sponsors/funders and interact with customers. This provides some guidance to campaigns and themes but there is also opportunity to develop our own such as Seniors Health Month, Child Development, Active Lifestyles, Healthy Eating Etc. Developing this annual campaign theme will provide structure and allow us to do advance planning and in the longer term search for sponsors for different months/ events Next Steps - Filling in the gaps
- Determining priorities and balanced strategy
-Turning this into an in depth marketing strategy
- Turning the strategy into action 1 2 3 What is important to them?
- That the information they need is easy to find?
- Information on how to find funding?
- Tools to make their work easier
- Training to make them better at their jobs 4 5 6 There are additional questions that would be useful such as: Competitors? We should look to develop a training program to help people to do their jobs better and empower health workers and volunteers.
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