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The Hero's Journey: Catching Fire

For my summer reading project, I read Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. As my visual, I chose a prezi.

Carson Cato

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: Catching Fire

The Hero's Journey: Catching Fire
By: Carson Cato

The Ordinary World
The ordinary world for Katniss Everdeen is District 12, a starving, poverty stricken district of the nation of Panem. However, since she won the 74th annual Hunger Games, she is vastly wealthy, famous and deeply hated by the Capitol authorities because of her defiance in the Games.
"By noon they will all be at my new house in the Victor’s Village. The reporters, the camera crews, even Effie Trinket, my old escort,"(Collins 3)."I am so rich and so famous and so hated by the authorities in the Capitol,"(7).
Katniss destroys the force field allowing Haymitch to fly a hover craft in the arena and rescue everyone except Peeta. Katniss learns of a secret organization to overthrow the Capitol. They had a plan to rescue the tributes. All of the Districts are in full revolt. Gale tells Katniss that her mom and Prim are safe. However, Katniss does not return to her home because the Capitol has completely destroyed it. Collins ends the book with Katniss in a hovercraft and Gale saying
"Katniss, there is no District 12,"(391).
The Refusal of the Call
The realization that she will have to return to the arena frightens Katniss to the point where she tries to escape from District 12.
"My body reacts before my mind does and I’m running out the door, across the lawns of the Victor’s Village, into the dark beyond,"(Collins 174).
Unfortunately, she is stopped by the electric fence that surrounds District 12. She realizes how trapped she really is, runs into the cellar of an empty house in the victor's village and lets loose her hysteria.
"[...]my escape attempt has done nothing to subdue the hysteria rising up inside me. It will drown me unless it’s released. I ball up the front of my shirt, stuff it into my mouth, and begin to scream,"(174).
The Call to Adventure
When a tribute wins the Hunger Games, every possibility of them returning goes away. However, the 75th Games are special, because it is a Quarter Quell edition of the Games. So, a twist is provided that makes the games even worse than they already are. In this case, President snow announces that the twist is that the tributes will be selected from the victors of previous Hunger games. Since Katniss is the only female victor in District 12, she will have to go back into the arena(a male and female from each district are chosen for the games).
"[President Snow] reads, 'On the seventy-fifth anniversary [...] the male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors',"(Collins 171)."District 12 only has three existing victors to choose from. Two male. One female…
I am going back into the arena,(173).
The Ordeal
Katniss's first look at the face of death comes when a mysterious
fog rolls in.
"Tiny, searing stabs. Wherever the droplets of mist touch my skin,"(Collins 298).
The fog is actually some kind of poisonus gas, but
"Whatever chemical laces the fog does more than burn—it targets our nerves[...]both of my arms are twitching uncontrollably(299-300)."
They try and run away from it, with Finnic carrying 80-year-old Mags and Katniss helping impared Peeta. Suddenly Peeta trips, and some of the fog moves in on them and takes control of Peeta's legs. Katniss can't carry Peeta, so Finnick takes him giving Mags to Katniss. After a few minutes of anxious running, Katniss falls and loses the cooperation of her leg. She cannot carry Mags, and Finnick's arms are not working, so he cannot carry both Mags and Peeta. Then
"Mags hauls herself up, plants a kiss on Finnick’s lips, and then hobbles straight into the fog. Immediately, her body is seized by wild contortions and she falls to the ground in a horrible dance,"(301).
They finally know she is dead when they hear blast of the
signalling the death of a tribute.
The Reward
The reward they acheive for facing the facing the fog is knowledge. This knowledge gives them an advantage over the other tributes. They gain the knowledge that the arena acts like a clock. Katniss eventually figures this out after Johanna brings Beetee and Wiress, who keeps saying "tick, tock". Katniss remembers
"Twelve bongs last night. Like it was midnight. Then lightning. The sun overhead now. Like it’s noon. And lightning[...] My eyes sweep around the full circle of the arena and I know she’s right. 'Tick, tock. This is a clock',"(Collins 325).
The arena has twelve sections and every hour something horrible happens in one of the sections that tries to kill the tributes. They would lose this if or when the other tributes learn on this aspect of the arena.
Meeting with the Mentor
After a tribute has won the Hunger Games, they become a mentor for their district. They have to train the new tributes that are chosen. Haymitch Abernathy was Katniss's mentor in the 74th Games. He offers her guidance and advice throughout the book that end up saving her life. When she comes out of the cellar realizing either Haymitch or Peeta will be in the arena with her, she rushes to Haymitch's house. He tells her that Peeta begged him for another chance in the games to protect her. Haymitch explains no matter what Peeta will go back in the arena. Katniss accepts this and asks Haymitch
“If it is Peeta and me in the Games, this time we try to keep *him* alive,"(Collins 178).
In the end, Haymitch does this and much more.
Crossing the Threshold
Katniss doesn't necessarily have the option to not participate in the 75th annual Hunger Games. She and Peeta are marched into the Justice Building where they do not get to say good bye to their families, but
"find Head Peacekeeper Thread waiting for [them]. 'New procedure,' he says with a smile. [They're] ushered out the back door, into a car, and taken to the train station. There are no cameras on the platform, no crowd to send [them] on [their] way[...]And [she is] left staring out the window, watching District 12 disappear, with all my good-byes still hanging on [her] lips,"(Collins 186-187).
Katniss's main test is to keep Peeta alive and get him back home safely. Her main sub test of this comes during her private session with the Gamemakers to show them her skills, but when she walks in after Peeta, she noticies they look annoyed like Peeta did something to upset them.
"I feel a pang of worry. That isn’t good. I don’t want Peeta singling himself out as a target for the Gamemakers’ anger. [...] To draw fire away from Peeta. But how did he upset them? Because I’d love to do just that and more. [...] To make them realize that while we’re vulnerable to the Capitol’s cruelties, they are as well,"(Collins 235-236).
To draw attention away from Peeta, Katniss gets a rope and a training dummy. She ties the rope into a noose and hangs the dummy in it from some bars in the middle of the room. As a final touch, she gets some paint and writes the name "Scena Crane",
the previous Head Gamemaker, who she believes President Snow killed for letting her live in the previous Games.

Katniss views everyone as an enemy at first because she knows they will be trying to kill her in the games and if they're not, then she's still going to have to kill them to get Peeta back to District 12 safely.
"Only who could I trust? [...] But do I really want to make a pact with [one of them], only to possibly have to kill [them] later?"(Collins 224).
However, before she goes into the arena, Haymitch gives her advice:
“Katniss, when you’re in the arena,[...]You just remember who the enemy is,"(260).
In the end, this reminds that the true enemy is the Capitol the one
"Who starves and tortures and kills us
in the arena. Who will soon kill everyone I love,"(378).
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
Allies: During her training for the Hunger Games, Katniss must make allies because Hatmitch tells her and Peeta
" ...you’re at a distinct disadvantage. Your competitors have known each other for years. So who do you think they’re going to target first?"(Collins 223).
She objects to the idea but ultimately agrees to try to form alliances. She finds two tributes from District 3, Wiress and Beetee, who are smart and invent things.
"They could tell by sight that a force field had been put up between us and the Gamemakers. And if we have to have allies, I want them,"(238).
During the Games she picks up three more: Finnick, Mags, and Johanna.
The Approach
Katniss and her fellow tributes train for the Hunger Games by learning survival and combat skills. The first station Katniss visits is the knot-tying and
"[reviews] very kind of knot that might come in handy and a few that [she will] probably never use,"(Collins 225).
While she is at the station, another tribute, whom she has deemed annoying, visits the station and attempts to ammuse her. Katniss rolls her eyes and tries her luck at another vacant station where she learns to make a fire. After this lunch, and fishook making station, Katniss finally shows her true skill: archery.
"[I] go over to the archery range for some sanity. It’s wonderful there[...]The trainer, Tax[...]begins to launch these silly fake birds high into the air for me to hit. At first it seems stupid, but it turns out to be kind of fun. Much more like hunting a moving creature.[...]he starts increasing the number of birds he sends airborne.[...]When I manage to take down five birds in one round, I realize it’s so quiet I can hear each one hit the floor. I turn and see the majority of the victors have stopped to watch me. Their faces show everything from envy to hatred to admiration,"(232-233).
The Road Back
Katniss and her allies develop a trap to kill as many of the remaining tributes as possible. They know at noon and mid-night every day a lightning bolt strikes a particular tree, at ten a giant wave engulfs the beach zone, and their enemies will head to the beach if they leave. So Beetee suggests the plan to
"run [her] wire from that tree all the way down into the saltwater, which is, of course, highly conductive. When the bolt strikes, the electricity will travel down the wire and into not only the water but also the surrounding beach, which will still be damp from the ten o’clock wave. Anyone in contact with those surfaces at that moment will be electrocuted,"(Collins 359-360).
However, while Katniss and Johanna are running the wire to the beach, the wire suddenly springs back meaning someone has cut the wire. Before Katniss can react, she is hit in the head with a metal cylinder. When she regains consiousness, Johanna is digging into Katniss's arm with a knife so the tributes coming to attack will think she's dead. Katniss does not know this; she thinks the alliance is broken. Katniss drifts in and out of consiousness due to the blinding pain in her arm. When she can move again she heads back to the tree where they are wrapping the wire. When she returns, she has her bow and is prepare to kill everyone to keep Peeta alive. However, Haymitch's advice to remember who the enemy is brings her back to reality, and she thinks of the wire not connected to the main trunk but a brach that Beetee has wrapped around her knife
"I rise, turning to the force field, fully revealing myself but no longer caring. Only caring about where I should direct my tip, where Beetee would have driven the knife if he’d been able to choose. My bow tilts up at the wavering square, the flaw, the[...]chink in the armor. I let the arrow fly, see it hit its mark and vanish,"(378).
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