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Well Made Play

No description

fernando Marley

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Well Made Play

Well Made Play
What is a well made play
Entrances & Exits
The 'obligatory scene'
The Climatic Curtain
Mistaken Identity
The Denouement
So we can build a well made play the entrances and exits need to be perfectly timed so we get a high level of suspense and tension.
For example
An Inspector calls at the end of act three creates a perfect level of suspense when we know that Eric left Daisy Renton/Eva Smith pregnant and then "Inspector hold up his hands. we hear the front door. They wait, looking towards the door. Eric enters extremely pale and distressed. The curtain falls quickly."
Also J.B.Priestley used the inspector to control all the entrances and exits. He makes a perfect entrance to the play just when Mr.Birling is making his speech about how every men has too look after them self, his business and their family nothing more.
The Plot of a well-made ply focuses around one major storyline. There is no sub-plot. However
The Obligatory scene is
the scene when the secret is revealed and lead the play into a conflict. It also create a tension for the audience

In An inspector call the obligatory scene take place at about the end of the play, when Gerald come back and he knows that inspector Goole is not a real police inspector then Mr and Mr.s Birling start to acting the same as before and look like they don't learn any thing, at the same time the younger generation they realise are guilty because of what they did to Eva Smith.
The Climatic Curtain is when the ending of the play is so excited and the audience hardly to predict what is going to happen in the end of the play.

At the ending of the inspector call the writer has create a tension and a moral to the audience by using the climatic curtain.The inspector call end with question who is the Inspector Goole but the writer end the play by using the climatic curtain which is more excited than tell the audience everything.

page 39
. do you now Eva smith -daisy Reton (inspector to Gerald)
page 67.
Eva smith-Daisy Reton goes to ask for help in the hospital by naming her self -ms Birling-
*The inspector google is not a real inspector.
page 96

* I thing that the play( an inspector calls) some parts are real and othres no
A well made play is dramatic genre, invented in the 19th century by Eugene Scribe.
It has a simple structure, it has a very short plot and climax which are located close to the end of the play, most of the story takes place before the action.

Well made plays have plot twists and climaxes,
sometimes it is revealed that someone is not
who they say they are.
To build a well made play there has to be a short introduction that presents the characters, the background and context, the themes and ideas of the play.
The play an Inspector Calls meets these criteria to certain extent, all the characters are well presented physically and psychologically "Arthur Birling is a heavy-looking, rather portentous man in this middle fifties with fairly easy manners but rather provincial in this speech..."
Also the background is well described showing us the social standings of the Birling family " All 3 acts which are continuous, take place in the dining room of the Birling's house in Brumley, an industrial city in the north Midlands." "It has a good solid furniture"
But the themes an ideas of te play are not well explained, we just know the background of JB Priestley's life and political ideas but we dont know at the begginning of the play the themes and ideas of it.
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