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Institutional Stove Solutions

Who we are, and why why care

Stella Strother-Blood

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Institutional Stove Solutions

We are Institutional Stove Solutions also known as Through innovation and testing Those who need clean air when they cook Those who need clean water to drink and those who need clean medical equipment. But what about the environment? What about carbon monoxide in the air?
What about the destruction of forests for firewood? Ya, that's important. Half of the world's population,
that's 3.5 billion people,
cook on open fires.

These are dirty, dangerous,
and use too much fuel. The Institutional Cookstove
from InStove available in 60 and 100 liter sizes

uses 75 to 90% less fuel than an open fire

no visible smoke and 90% less carbon monoxide

safe to touch in operation The cookstove works with a hospital-grade autoclave to sterilize medical equipment without electricity. On top of that,
we have a briquette press that makes biomass briquettes as an environmentally friendly alternative to wood. And on top of that is our
This production method brings the factory to developing countries. All equipment needed is shipped, along with consultancies, to help local people make these stoves. Innovative technology makes a difference.
Not just in the developed countries but throughout the world. Support the power of science, collaboration, and advocacy with InStove.

Get connected and contact us at
info@instove.org or on our facebook page. we have developed products
which serve the most vulnerable
of the world's populations. The stove also supports a water pasteurizer.
We can purify more than 250 liters
of drinking water per hour
using only 2.25 kg of fuel. Help spread the knowledge. Join us. Join our mission. www.instove.org and serves 400 people a day. That's right.

One 60 liter stove can serve 400 people in a single day. Shouldn't we care about that too? That's really important. YES. The World Health Organization estimates that smoke from cooking causes two million deaths a year. But there is a solution:
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