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Imagining eLearning Futures

No description

Mark Curcher

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Imagining eLearning Futures

Imagining eLearning Futures
Global Situation
Education 3.0
Learning is -
More Online
More Global
More Massive
Educators Role Changes -
Coach, Counselor, Consultant, Curator, Concierge, Cultivator
Prof Curt Bonk
Sloan Consortium / Pearson
US Department of Education, 2012 -
5.5 Million taking at least one online course
Chronicle of Higher Education Jan 2014
Survey of 2800 Chief Academic Officers and Academic Leaders
The Future
Key Trends Accelerating Ed Tech Adoption in Higher Education
Fast Moving
Social Media Use
Online, Collaborative, Hybrid Learning
Data Driven Learning & Assessment
Creator Society
Making Online Learning Natural
Agile Approaches to Change
Significant Challenges Impeding Ed Tech Adoption in HE
Urgent Challenges
Relative Lack of Rewards for Teachers

Low Digital Fluency of Faculty
Difficult Challenges
Scaling Teaching Innovations

Competition from New Models of Education
Wicked Challenges
Expanding Access

Keeping Education Relevant
2 - 3 Years
1 Year or Less
4 - 5 Years
Important Developments in Educational Technology for HE
Flipped Classroom
Learning Analytics
3 D Printing
Games & Gamification
Quantified Self
Virtual Assistants
"technologies may change, but the innovations in pedagogy bring lasting benefit"
Our Success as a Face to Face institution can act as a barrier to our success Online
Move out of our Comfort Zones!
Existing Good Practices need to be built upon & celebrated - and evolve online
Existing 'Champions' need to given time & resources to support the growth of others
Change is about PEOPLE
Sure - it requires policies, resources, procedures etc - but most of all it is about convincing people of the benefits of doing something different.
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