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DTAL - Ideate - Jesus Gimeno

No description

jesus miguel gimeno rosales

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of DTAL - Ideate - Jesus Gimeno

How could she start working at the Front-End of Innovation?
Being the best looking
user through the power
of invisibility
Able to read the
minds of people

Change to
Back to school
within the
project change
the team
Starting your
own business
To be freelance
Moving to a city with
the highest turnover.
Offer your work
to a non-governmental
organization to gain
Moving to a
cool city anywhere in the world

Buy the company
where It works
and change their
working philosophy
Work anywhere
in the world
thanks to the power
of teleportation
Do not sleep ever and keep
my current job and work on
what I want
To dominate the mind
of someone who already works
as Front-End Innovator and
impersonate him.
Idea Selection:

i. the most practical idea (one that could be easily implemented):
Change to another company.

ii. the most disruptive idea (one that would make a huge impact, regardless of how feasible or affordable it is):
Buy the company where It works and change their working philosophy.

iii. your favorite idea (one idea that you are excited about for whatever reason... you don’t have to justify why):
Moving to a cool city anywhere in the world.
Online non
official courses
To make networking
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