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The Rise of Fascism in Italy

No description

R Rosso

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of The Rise of Fascism in Italy

The Rise of Fascism in Italy
'The Forgotten Victor'

Benito Mussolini
organized dissatisfied war veterans, extreme nationalists into the
Fascist Party.
'Il Duce', meaning 'The Leader'

Wants: Stronger government; glory days of Rome

Totalitarian government that is
communist, is anti-democratic, and nationalistic

Mussolini feared a communist takeover of Italy, and thus was extremely anti-communist. Focus on expanding borders and creating an empire rather than restructuring society within

He brought the economy under state control but kept capitalism, 'Mixed Economy'

Mussolini's Italy
Gained support through intimidation and terror using his combat squad, the 'blackshirts'

Mussolini's priority was propaganda: Control the minds of the Italian people and create a cult of personality

Censored ideas that spoke out against him

'Fascism' comes from the Latin word 'Fasces'- Bound bundle of wood, usually including an axe

Symbol originated in Roman civilization and symbolized authority.

Became the flag of the Italian Fascist Party, but it is also used in our own society- can you find it in the following pictures?
1917- Czar Nicholas II Overthrown

November 1918- World War One Ends

October 1919- Hitler Begins Political Career with 1st Public Speech

October 1922- Benito Mussolini Gains Power and Yankees and Giants play in World Series

December 1922- End of Russian Civil War & Creation of USSR

1924- Stalin takes power

The Rise of Fascist Dictators in Europe

Complete 'The Rise of Fascist Dictators in Europe' handout, using the primary sources and your book to respond thoroughly to the questions

With a partner, create a Venn Diagram that shows the similarities and differences between California and New York
Venn Diagram Exercise
Now, create a Venn Diagram that shows the similarities and differences between Totalitarian governments of Fascism and Communism
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