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Senior College Portfolio Presentation

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Jazmin Harris

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Senior College Portfolio Presentation

Blossoming out of High School By Jazmin Harris Volunteer Service College Application Process Admissions and Financial Aid Volunteer Advice Tender Animal Care Rescue My Choice What I Learned from the Culminating Project From doing my the culminating project I realized how I have grown both as a person and as a student. I have grown as a person by establishing goals for myself, deciding what I would like to do for my future, being more responsible, learning to be a leader and role model for others, and becoming more independent. I have grown as a student by challenging myself academically, becoming more organized, being able to use my resources, and being able to search deeper in order to receive a better understanding. When it came down to deciding on where I should apply I thought about a few requirements that the college had to meet.These requirements consisted of being located in the north west, preferably Washington or Oregon, have the major I wanted. Oregon State has both of my desired requirement, it is located in the north west, and has the major I wanted. I also like the campus and how large the community is. For me OSU seems like the perfect fit. When it comes to volunteering, always choose something you know you'll enjoy doing.
Try to take away everything you can from your experience and reflect on it.
Knowing that you learned or did something that contributes to something more helps cover up the fact that are working for free. Admission requirements differ from college to college. But there are a few requirements that are common with all. SAT or ACT scores, your transcript, Financial Aid (FASFA), and an admissions essay are commonly required for all college admissions. But since it differs from college to college it is always advised to check the requirements of the college of your choice. When it comes to financial aid and funding for your college applying for scholarships is always helpful. There are scholarships for everything, not just academics. Even if you don't think you will get it it doesn't hurt to apply. You never know you may get lucky. Getting your FASFA in early is extremely helpful. The earlier you apply the better chances you'll have to get the most money to fund your education. From completing a few college applications myself, I have discovered how long of a process it can be. Especially if you procrastinate. Here are a few steps to help make applying for college easier:
Choose a colleges you want to apply to.
Check deadlines and application fees. Look ahead in the application to see what information you'll need, such as the prompt questions, activity logs, letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores, ect., plan for them and get them done in advance.
Make sure to revise and edit your essay with your peers and teachers.
Start FASFA, apply for scholarships, and make sure you have taken the SATs or ACTs, you can even send in score to colleges after taking them.
Start filling out applications, and finish your FASFA, and summit everything before their deadlines.

The easiest part for me was filling out my information. But the hardest part by far was figuring out what to write for my admissions essays. For my college portfolio I choose prompt 6 because it gave me the most freedom in the subjects I could write about. The prompt was "topic of your choice." Since the prompt I chose was choose your own topic I decided to write about something I believed would show the college administrator, who I am. I choose to write about a sport that I believe shaped me, and helped me become the person I am today. Writing a unique story about myself will help give me a better chance of getting accepted, because the administrator wants to know my character. I learned from my peers, counselor, and teacher that a good hook and a unique story are always appreciated by the application administration. Knowing these tips helped me come up with my idea for an unique introduction to my essay. I chose to volunteered with an animal rescue organization because I have a passion for animals and hope to work with them in the future. During my volunteering experience I was able to learn unique facts about pitbulls and even got to help vaccinate 10 pitbull puppies. The work I did with the rescue helped prepare me for my future by giving me the opportunity to work with animals and learn from experts about how to care for them. My volunteer experience also helped me learn of a new passion I have, which is to teach awareness about the Bully dog breeds and how they should not be feared and deserve the same rights as other dogs breeds do. I discovered this new passion while on a Bully Dog Walk in Washougal with Tender Care Animal Rescue. The purpose of the Bully Dog Walk is to promote awareness about the bully dog breed and to illustrate that these dogs can be controlled, kind, and get along with humans and other dogs. I believe because of my passion for animals and the enjoyment I received from volunteering I would love to volunteer more in the future.
High School Advice During my high school experience I prepared myself for college by doing my best to do my assignments and turning them in on time. I also tried to challenged myself by taking AP classes, and get involved in the community by joining a sport and becoming a leader.

You don't have to take AP classes to get into college, but they do help you develop good study habits and have a faster pace to help prepare you for college.
You should always do your best to do all of your work and turn it in on time, this will develop good work ethicist which you will need in college.
Get involved in the community with things that interest you. Steps to Success
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