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The Wonderful Career of Art Directing

careers project

Lilian Gordon

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of The Wonderful Career of Art Directing

What is art directing? the job involves... creating an overall look 4 films
television shows
stage productions
and multimedia products ART DIRECTOR career investigation: but Why? are you... creative? a leader? organized? sensitive to design? do you also... work well
with people? work well under pressure? innovative? pay attention to detail? then this profession
is right for YOU art directing in art directing in art directing in art directing in PRINT come up with the layout of the text and photos/images that correspond organize a team to turn ideas
into reality, and see project
through to completion A D V E R T I S I N G design and create advertisements for use in magazines
television based on client's wants and needs commercials? yup that too they develop layouts, scripts, storyboards bring together film crew, actors input ideas towards music, sound, film techniques and then they shoot
the commercial FILM/
THEATRE responsible for the look of film television stage
productions find costume and prop designers
and help to create a realistic
portrayal of the time period
correlating to the script. M L U T I M E D I A create visual concepts

for website

and video game

design once concepts are decided, the art director brings together programmers computer graphics designers photograhers & animators to help finish the
project off .WORK.ENVIRONMENT. .BENEFITS. work in: art/design studios office buildings or their own home studios hours: standard 40 hour week may have to work
overtime to meet
deadlines in stage, film, television: long irregular hours self-employed can set their own ARTDIRECTORS manage teams of people
including designers,
and other artists .WAGES. work for: theatre groups
advertsing firms
mulitmedia design full time or contract basis varies from
$35,000 - $100 000
a year Most advertising agencies and various kinds of media production companies are based in major cities art directors will find it easier and more profitable to work there. JOB satisfaction STRESS potential + visual/spatial interpersonal verbal-linguistic IDEAL INTELLIGENCES OTHERS logical-mathematical bodily-kinesthtic musical-rhythmic naturalistic intrapersonal deadlines working with clients possible long hours under pressure .EDUCATION. employers would like a combination
of education AND experience a degree or diploma in a visual communications subject, such as graphic design, visual arts, general design, or photography is usually the minimum educational requirement experience requirements vary based on the employer
and the type of media 5-7 years experience but some are good with 2-5 years certificate and diploma programs can be excellent ways of entering the field of design those with bachelor’s and master’s degrees generally have more career choices available to them. HOWEVER...
Social Studies
Creative Arts
Computers / Technology
Health & Physical Education

Social Studies
Personal & Career Development
Dramatic Arts
Visual Arts
Computers / Technology GRADE 9 GRADE 10 GRADE 11
Social Studies
Dramatic Arts
Visual Arts
Computers / Technology
Drafting & Design

Communications & Media Studies
Social Studies
Dramatic Arts
Visual Arts
Computers / Technology
Drafting & Design GRADE 12 Suggested
High School
Courses to get your undergrad around $5,000 a year excluding housing,
books, and student fees for a canadian.
x4 for an american. = 4 years * UBC offers a long of studying abroad (exchange) programs which cost extra. .TRANSFERABLE.
.SKILLS. computer communication creativity teamwork organization time management delegating management S K I L L S EXTRA curriculars take a photoshop course
volunteer at art galleries/studios
compete in art competitions
design presentations
leadership courses references http://www.careercruising.com/ http://www.ubc.ca/ http://www.google.ca/images
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