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Romeo And Juliet Character's

No description

Joshua Goldberg

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Romeo And Juliet Character's

Romeo And Juliet Character's
Montague -
Act I: Old Montague defends his title against Capulet when a fight breaks loose in the beginning of Act I. Montague is very fond of his dignity.

Act III: Montague sticks up for his son Romeo when The Prince asks who should pay for Mercutio's blood. Montague cares about his son Romeo, and will try to protect him, even if it means arguing with the Prince.

Lady Montague -
Act 1: She holds Montague back when he tries to fight.
Lady Capulet doesn't want Montague to get physically hurt, she thinks he isn't fit to fight with Capulet.
Mercutio has a large imagination. He seems to have hate on those who are overly obsessive, which is why he tells his friend Romeo to view love more simply in Act I and II.

Act III: Mercutio calls Benvolio a hot Jack with imagery related to death foreshadowing his own death. He later talks back to Tybalt over Romeo, causing Tybalt to stab him when they go into a dual. Mercutio is a person who does not want to lose his dignity. He wants things "his way."
Romeo at first does not know what "true love" is. He later finds out what "true love" is when he finds Juliet, a person who loves him back.

Act I: Romeo is obsessed over Rosaline, even though he knows he can't be with her. Romeo doesn't know what love really is yet.
Act II: Romeo immediately gets over Rosaline and falls in love with Juliet as soon as Romeo meets Juliet at the dinner party. This is a different type of love for Romeo.

Act III: Romeo attempts to break up the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio. He wants to protect his friends from danger.
Romeo duels Tybalt and kills him after Tybalt stabs Mercutio. Similar to his father, Romeo is also fond of his dignity. When Romeo finds out that he is banished from Verona, he compares to be worse than death, for he is separated from Juliet. He is very close to stabbing himself until Friar Laurence gives him a long speech on how it can all work out. He is mainly doing this because of his love Juliet. This shows his love for Juliet has become very serious now that death is more reasonable than being away from Juliet.

Act IV:
Benvolio is Romeo's close cousin who tries to stop all forms of violence when possible. He tries to get Romeo's mind of Rosaline since he doesn't like to see Romeo in a bad mood. He tries to get Romeo off Rosaline still in Act II when Romeo has already met Juliet.
Benvolio is a person whose main goal is to help Romeo in any way possible.
Act III: Benvolio tries to stop the argument between Tybalt and Mercutio but doesn't succeed. He tells the truth of what happened to the Prince. Benvolio continues to stop violence in Act III, like Friar Laurence, he likes peace.
Rosaline is a woman that is said to be beautiful but does not want to love. Romeo is obsessed over her in Act I, but then acts as if she doesn't exist after Romeo meets Juliet in Act II.
Friar Laurence is on a neutral side between the families.

Act II: Friar Laurence wants the feud between the Capulets' and Montagues' to end so he allows Romeo and Juliet to be married. He interacts a lot with nature. Friar Laurence seems to want peace, this ties in with his love of nature.

Act III: Friar Laurence comforts Romeo about the Princes' decision. He also helps hide Romeo from outsiders. This shows that Friar Laurence is willing to go against the law in order to protect other people.

Act IV:Friar Laurence gives Juliet a potion to make her look dead to others for a short time so the wedding with Juliet and Paris can be stopped. Friar Laurence has now come up with large solutions for both Romeo and Juliet. This shows Friar Laurence really wants Romeo and Juliet to be together so the feud may stop between the two rival families.
Friar Laurence
Abraham is a servant of the Montague house who fights with Gregory and Sampson in Act I.
He has a hostile attitude towards the Capulets'.

Act I: The Prince breaks up the fight between the Montagues' and the Capulet's and threatens both of them.
He is a person who wants order and will take extremes to get that.

Act III: The Prince takes Lady Capulet's side in the outcome of the battle that took place. He is very angry that Mercutio dyed and wants somebody to pay for it. Mercutio was a higher priority than order.
The Prince
Capulet - Capulet is an old father of Juliet that is afraid to let her grow up too fast. He agrees to allow Paris to marry Juliet if she agrees in the future.
Act I: Capulet tries to defend himself from his rival, Montague.
Capulet allows Romeo, a Montague, at his dinner party even though Tybalt advises against it. Capulet is more lenient towards the Montagues' as one may think.

Act III: Capulet is very displeased when Juliet doesn't want to marry Paris. Capulet takes topics such as marriage very seriously and wants order; he wants to control Juliet's marriage.

Lady Capulet -
Act I: Lady Capulet is young and says that Juliet should marry and become a mother early in life. She recommends for Juliet to be with Paris. Lady Capulet wants her daughter to be like her.

Act III: Lady Capulet begs Prince to "shed blood of Montague" because of Tybalt's death. She also declares Benvolio a Liar just because he is a Montague. In addition, she also rants about Romeo to Juliet in Act III scene V. She is still set on Paris marrying her daughter Juliet. Lady Capulet is very disgusted with the Montagues' and want's Juliet to do nothing with them.

Tybalt deeply tries to protect Capulet from the Montagues'. He fought against the Montagues' in act I. He highly recommended removing a Montague in Act I. He will even dual for his life against a Montague, he sends a duel letter to the Capulets' in Act II. This shows Tybalt is extremely obsessed with protecting the Capulet's from the Montagues'.

Act III: Tybalt calls Romeo a Villain, causing conflict to stir up between him in the Montagues'. It causes a dual where he stabs Mercutio and ten walks away. Romeo later kills Tybalt when he returns. Tybalt likes conflict with the Montagues' but when he senses he might be in danger himself, he cowards out.
In the beginning of the play she is compassionate of her parents and tries to do what pleases them during Act I.
However, when she meets Romeo in Act II, she starts to lie to people to protect her love with Romeo. She wants to make sure Romeo really loves her so she tests him sometimes. Her love for Romeo overrides her initial values.

Act III: Juliet is very anxious to find out what happened to Romeo from the Nurse. Juliet is very relieved when she finds out that Romeo is at the Friars'. She also resents being told to marry Paris and makes up excuses. Juliet stops trusting the Nurse after The Nurse recommends for Juliet to marry Paris. Juliet has put Romeo at her number one priority and is willing to do anything to be with Romeo.

Act: IV:
The Nurse is a very comedic person that brings comedy relief into Romeo and Juliet.
She breast-fed Juliet, which seems to make Juliet loyal to the nurse.

She helps Juliet be with Romeo in Act II when she can get in severe trouble for it. This shows that she is very loving towards Juliet and wants to help her. She may also be helping her just because she wants Juliet to get married.

Act III: The Nurse doesn't immediately tell Juliet what happened in the fight, even though Juliet is begging for information regarding Romeo. The Nurse acts like this to bring some comedic relief to the Play. The Nurse also goes to Romeo in Friar Laurence's cell. This shows that she is dedicated towards Juliet, even though it abides many rules.

Act IV:
The Nurse
Paris is a neutral man that wants to love Juliet and will take measures to get that. He convinces Capulet that he is the right man for Juliet in Act I. It is hard for him to convince Old Capulet since Paris is a lot older than Juliet. Paris has a one-track mind.
Act III: Paris talks to Capulet and Lady Capulet about his Marriage with Juliet. Paris' eagerness to marry Juliet suggests he is in love with her, or that he just wants to please Capulet.
Act IV: Paris does not understand what Juliet says to him in Act IV, Scene I. He only wants to hear what will bring him with Juliet. He is very sad and angry when he find Juliet [looking] dead. Paris' actions suggests he was really in love with Juliet.
Act III: Goes with Tybalt to fight the Monatgues'. He tells Tybalt to go away once Tybalt stabs Mercutio. He watches out for Tybalt and makes the calls.
Sampson - A Servant of Capulet, who hates the Montagues' such as Tybalt does. He provokes a fight with Abraham with Gregory.

Gregory - A servant of Capulet, who like Sampson, hates the Montagues'. He teases Sampson for being wimpy in the first scene.
Sampson and Gregory both have an adverse attitude towards the Montagues'.

Peter - A servant of Capulet that can't read and is ordered to invite guests written on a list. It allows Romeo and friends to know about the party because Peter asks them if any of them know how to read.
Capulet Servants
By: Joshua Goldberg

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